What and where can be fished?

Deep-sea fishing in the North Sea is very popular and is always a small adventure trip since no one can know before what conditions will prevail and what the catch will be. The best time for deep-sea fishing is the warmer season from ca April till October because the prevailing weather conditions are usually better at that time of year. Because most people are not wealthy enough to own a private fishing boat, one has to charter such a vessel. Most boat owners will also rent out the fishing equipment if necessary. The most common catch with deep-sea fishing are mackerels and codfish. But because deep-sea fishing depends very much on the weather conditions it is always good to have another option in case of bad weather.

This other option is the so-called surf fishing. It is being done from the beach. But surf fishing can’t be done from just any spot on the beach. It has to be a place with easy and close access to deep water. Suitable place are for instance piers, jetties, levees or harbour entrances. With surf fishing the most common catch are eels, flatfishes or garfish. Surf fishing doesn’t have a season like deep-sea fishing. Experienced fishermen say, the best time of day for a good catch is at incoming tide, ca 2 hours before high tide.

Important information about fishing in the North Sea

Before the start of the fishing trip it is good to enquire about the legal conditions, especially if a license is needed, where to obtain it and how much it costs, what species are allowed to be fished and which are not, the minimal size of fish and if there is a limitation on the number of fishes per person and day which can be caught. Also, make sure you get all your necessary equipment shipped, if you want to bring any from home. Learn more here.

With surf fishing one should ask if fishing is allowed on the choosen spot. The same applies for the bait. The best bait are sandworms. But there are some places where the digging for sandworms is not allowed. The best thing is to ask the locals for a good spot for fishing and where to get suitable bait.

Concerning deep-sea fishing there is a lot more of planning involved. In each coastal location around the North Sea fishing boats can be hired for private fishing trips. But take note that there are no fixed prices available. Allrates have to be negotiated with the boat owner. It is important to book the boat well in advance, because the demand for these trips is high. Do not forget to ask the captain if the costs for food and drinks are included in the fees. This is important for longer journeys. It is advisable to ask if the fees are being refunded in case the trip has to be cancelled because of bad weather.

Most importantly, don’t forget to hire local movers today if you decide to ship your catch back home.