Working hard at something might all be for nothing if you aren’t somehow rewarded. When it comes to gymnastics and sport, medals and trophies are a standard choice. At the same time, academic achievements are awarded certifications. For whatever you have worked hard to achieve, you should always be proud of it. Further, you might want to display your achievements.

Install Appropriate Display Medium

First, you should decide upon a medium for displaying your medals, trophies, or certificates. For example, medals would benefit from hanging hooks. Awards might require extra shelving or display cases, and certification will need to be framed appropriately. Suppose you have represented a country or city in a particular competition. In that case, display cases for flags or other material-based items should also be used.

Depending on the size of your display, multiple items might be required. For example, it isn’t uncommon for those with degrees to hold numerous certifications such as diplomas. These should be displayed accordingly in appropriately sized frames. Also, some trophies are pretty large and might require sturdy shelving, especially if there are multiple awards. 

Choose a Personal or Prominent Location

Picking a suitable spot to display your achievements isn’t as easy as it sounds. For example, you might want to show your achievements to as many people as possible. Or you may feel that your prizes are very personal and should therefore be located in a private space. However, certifications like diplomas and degrees might be best displayed in your professional area, such as your office or place of work.

Whatever you decide, make sure you are happy with the final location, or you may need to do the hard work all over again by relocating your hobby achievements. You could also consider allowing your gym or school to add some of your awards to their public display for sporting achievements. This will add prominence and value to inspire others.

Organize in Order of Value

While all awards are something to be proud of, you might be more proud of some than others. Perhaps one specific trophy was more challenging to achieve over another, such as an Olympic medal or an international championship. Because of this, you might want to display these with pride of place. A popular method for arranging trophies is to align these at eye level on your cabinet with others around them. This promotes prominence and places them for all to see.

The size of different awards will also contribute to how your display looks. For example, some trophies can be large, and some can be small. Try to find a good aesthetic balance between them. For example, one large trophy surrounded by little ones looks good. The trick is not letting the more significant awards take the attention away from smaller-sized ones.

Achievements are always something to be proud of. You should display these with pride whether you have earned a degree, an Olympic medal, or a boxing trophy. Where you choose to do this is a big decision, but suggested places include at work, a private room at home or your old school. Displaying trophies and awards can be a trick, but smaller prizes shouldn’t be drowned out by larger ones but rather complement them.