Eco-Hunting is rapidly gaining popularity in 2020. If your first reaction to this was to make a confused face and think “what is eco-hunting?” – don’t worry, that’s a perfectly normal reaction. 

It’s a pretty obscure thing that only recently has started to gain friction. Well, it has the word ‘eco’ in it so it can’t be bad, right? Well, let’s look at what eco-hunting actually is.

To put it simply, eco-hunting is exactly what it sounds like. Traditional hunting changed to preserve the environment. Moral questions aside, there is enough quality equipment available at for the aspiring hunters to make their trip as safe to their prey as possible.

The end product leaves you with the thrill of a real hunt while also minimizing the negative impact on the wildlife.

Hunting itself can be a very meditative endeavor. Of course, some people will not understand the appeal. But for others (especially those who were born and raised in the rural areas) it can be a relaxing hobby. 

The latter are the ones that have raised the interest in eco-hunting in the last few years. If you are among the interested, here are some things you need to know about this hobby.

Green Gear

When it comes to hunting, people usually think of bulky ATVs and lethal rifles. Eco-hunters are taking a new direction, attempting to step away from the hunting traditions entirely. 

It includes a range of handy tricks that help them preserve the ecosystem in their hunting grounds:

  • Non-lead ammo;
  • Tranquilizer ammo;
  • Eco-friendly transport;
  • Responsible camping.

The presence of lead can have a severe negative impact on the ecosystem subjected to it. Its destructive properties can harm local fauna and in serious cases, even humans. Through the years, the industrial use of lead has been minimized. And now it’s the turn of hunters to make a contribution to the cause.

The opinions on whether eco-hunting is truly safe for the environment can differ vastly depending on who you ask. It is pretty hard to find any distinctive and objective information regarding this topic. 

Yet, if you want to commission some customized research, your best bet would be turning to online services like Their professionals will be happy to save you some time and effort while providing you with reliable material.

Setting Off

Eco hunting is gaining popularity among veteran hunters who want to try something different as well as newbies that only begin their journey. Regardless of which of these categories you belong to, there is one thing you have to pay extra attention to. And that is preparing for your hunting trip.

It is a pretty dangerous endeavor, and you can endanger yourself and others if you’re not careful enough. It always helps to have someone experienced with you. And it better be a seasoned guide that will help you find your way in the wilderness and make sure everyone is safe. 

This is especially important for beginners. Having someone to help you make your first steps is very important if you want to get into this hobby.

Having the proper gear is the key to success. You have to take into consideration the terrain, climate, weather forecast, the duration of your trip, and a multitude of other factors. 

Depending on the area, semi-experienced campers can probably do well on their own. But hiring a knowledgeable local for the trip never hurts.


Despite the seeming intent to preserve the ecosystem, eco hunting has sparked a lot of controversy around it. There are tons of different opinions on any given subject related. 

One of the most pressing issues connected to eco hunting is the safety of tranquilization. 

Tranqualizators has previously been used mostly by various services. This technique allows for the safe capture and transportation of wild animals. 

However, it’s no surprise that powerful sedatives can have unwanted side-effects. These risk of such side-effects increases when a tranquilizer is used frequently. Which is exactly the case when it comes to hunting for sport.

Veterinarians claim that a single animal can be subjected to tranquilizers no more than a couple of times per year. 

Yet, controlling private hunters is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Thus, some of the recorded cases have seen animals being tranquilized several times a week. 

Side effects of such an exposure can result in heart failure, asphyxiation, and more.

Final Words

Eco hunting is an evolving trend. And while it currently lacks some crucial information to fill in the blind spots, it is definitely a step in the right direction. 

As this field gets more attention from the public, you can definitely expect some answers to these pressing questions in the nearest future.