What certification is the Microsoft 70-778 exam for? What will I learn? How can I ace it? What resources should I use? Why should I pursue it? Are any of these questions running through your mind? Then get ready to have all those questions answered for you in this article.

What certification is 70-778 exam for?

Handling data is a task that requires a lot of care and patience. And handling data in a firm that deals with bulk data is even a more strenuous task. To make the process of data handling more efficient, more and more techniques and services have been introduced into the field of IT. BI Reporting is the technique of collecting data using different software and tools to gain important insights into it. And Power BI and Excel are services produced by Microsoft to aid BI Reporting. To verify person’s skills using these tools to collect and analyze data, Microsoft certification offers to get the MCSA BI Reporting certification. You need to pass two exams, to gain it. They include 70-778 (Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI) test along with 70-779 (Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel).

This article covers all you need to know about 70-778 test.

About Microsoft 70-778 Exam 

To pass 70-778 exam you’ll need to possess special skills, to be more precise, this exam will test how capable you are to:

  • Work with data using Microsoft Excel 
    • Connecting to data sources
    • Performing transformations
    • Cleansing data
  • Model and Visualize data
    • Creating and optimizing data models
    • Creating calculated columns, calculated tables, and measures
    • Creating hierarchies
    • Managing with PivotTables as well as PivotCharts
    • Work with Power BI

Best resources to prepare for 70-778 exam

There are many resources available for you to help you prepare for 70-778 exam. Some of the most widely used ones are:

  • Microsoft official website

Microsoft should be your first choice because the options provided by the vendor are the most actual ones. Such options have been created to cover all exam objectives and equip you with the most relevant skills and knowledge to pass your test. 

For 70-778 exam, Microsoft offers Instructor-led training as well as online training. The instructor-led training has two options to choose from, namely on-demand training and classroom training. The first one is for self-paced learning, while the second one is for those candidates who have time to attend classes and clear out difficulties with a certified instructor. 

  • Books

Books can give you more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge. They are the first tools to see the exam topics and your best helpers to create a study plan to cover each concept tested. Usually they can be found in the Microsoft Press Store and on Amazon website. Some books that can give you the knowledge and expertise related to the concepts you need to master for 70-778 exam are:

    • Analyzing and Visualizing Data by Using Microsoft Power BI (for 70-778 exam), written by Daniil Maslyuk 

This book is recommended by Microsoft itself, therefore, it is one of the first books you must get your hands on.

    • Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Power BI: Build dashboards and visualizations to make your data come to life. This great book was written by such authors as Devin and Brian Knight.

By referring to this book you will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Power BI and become capable of using it more productively.

    • Microsoft Power BI Dashboards Step by Step by Errin O’Connor

This book addresses every single step in Power BI from designing and implementing Power BI in your organization to producing the most insightful reports.  

    • Master your skills in working with Microsoft Power BI by using the book about Expert techniques for effective data analytics and business intelligence (Author – B. Powell).

This book not only talks about the concepts in Power BI but also discusses using real-world examples to give you a better understanding.

  • YouTube

Books are not for everyone. For each person, their most effective mode of study may vary. And for some it is videos. The best source for videos that provide knowledge related to all IT concepts is YouTube. You can find several videos that explain the same concepts, which means that if you don’t understand the theory taught in one way, you will be able to find another video that teaches in a way that better suits you. Apart from tutorial videos, you can also find videos shared by candidates who faced 70-778 exam talking about their experience, the mistakes they made and tips to avoid them.

  • Exam dumps

Exam dumps are ragingly popular when it comes to IT certification exams. What are exam dumps? Exam dumps are files that contain real exam questions. Many people call them a fraud but that is only due to the higher percentage of sites that give out fake material. A reliable site where you can find exam dumps is ExamSnap.com. Their files are the most updated as they are uploaded by the recent test takers. Thus, you can know what to expect at the exam. You can also purchase a paid dump for your exam that is verified file by IT experts. All files presented at ExamSnap are in the vce format and can be opened using the VCE Exam Simulator. For 70-778 test it also offers a premium file consisting of 133 questions and answers, a training course of 141 lectures, and a study guide at a reasonable price. Using this package, you’ll be well-prepared for the test. Exam dumps are the best way to practice questions. By using them you will be able to figure out the question patterns and how to best approach them. It also saves you a lot of time to complete various question types within the allocated time. 


Passing 70-778 exam is an essential step for you to become MCSA certified in BI Reporting. To nail the test and grow in your career, use the prep materials covered in this article. Start from checking the Microsoft official website, then visit Amazon, use exam dumps from ExamSnap and be confident in your skills and knowledge on exam day. If you do so, acing your exam will be a walk in the park.