Airsoft guns are not a new invention. They’ve actually been around for longer than paintballing! Most people will have been in contact with an airsoft gun at some point in their lives, but when it comes down to it, not many people really know much about them or how to put them to good use. But they’re not a new invention. They’ve actually been around for longer than paintball! Here’s a quick run through of everything that you need to know when it comes to buying, using and collecting airsoft guns.


The first airsoft gun was developed in Japan in the eighties. It was created for recreational purposes, mainly target shooting and playing war games in the woods. The gun contains a compressed air cylinder which is used to launch non-metallic, spherical pellets. It is a low velocity, non-lethal item, firing .12 or .14 gram pellets anywhere between 170 and 550 feet per second (or fps). They can be made to look unnervingly similar to real guns, but cannot be modified to fire lethal ammo. (These guns are not powerful as compared to a hunting crossbow.)



Though airsoft guns do not fire lethal ammo, there are still various health and safety concerns, risks and hazards to bear in mind at all times when playing. Firstly, you should ensure that your skin is covered. Wear long sleeves and full-length trousers, even if the sun is out and you’re tempted to put a pair of shorts or a vest on. Through clothes, an airsoft pellet will leave a red mark at worst. On bare skin, the impact could cause blood blisters or bleeding. The biggest risk that airsoft play can pose to your safety is the risk of being shot in the eye. However, this issue can be easily avoided by ensuring that safety goggles are always used during play.

Legal Considerations

Know your local area’s laws and legislations on airsoft guns. These vary from state to state. Areas such as Massachusetts have made giving any child other than your own an airsoft gun. This means you cannot hand them over to your nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Others forbid airsoft play for kids, so they cannot even play with them in the backyard. Most states are fine with adults engaging in airsoft play. Just remember to be respectful and to never shoot towards an animal or child.


Taking up collecting and using airsoft guns is an affordable hobby for most people. There is an initial outlay for your airsoft gun. You should think carefully about which model to purchase. Do your research and find out which will best suit your needs and budget. Treat it as an investment piece, as it will be at the center of your softair experience. There’s a huge range available, so you are likely to find something perfect in no time. You can also check deal sites like Once this initial investment is out of the way, upkeep is relatively cheap. Generally speaking, the cost of airsoft supplies and equipment is low and something that most people will be able to fork out for on a regular basis.