Tactical means clever or skilful in planning or manoeuvering to accomplish a purpose. Tactical gear refers to a wide variety of products created primarily for military and law enforcement personnel, which, due to its durability and robustness, has also become popular among hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and common citizens. 

Tactical gear is used to protect oneself from danger in the outdoors and prepare oneself for emergency situations. Imagine a hunter out in the forests wearing short pants and casual shoes or army personnel wearing denim on the battlefield. Sounds like a ridiculous idea to you? Going out in life-threatening situations and not be prepared enough is indeed not so great idea.

So, what does tactical gear include? A lot actually! From body armour to optical equipment to footwear, a lot comes under tactical gear. Let us understand the different types of tactical gear.

  • Clothing

Clothing is a major category of tactical gear and it includes bullet-proof jackets, face shield and protective eyewear. The purpose of tactical clothing is to either protect the user from threats like gunshots and knife attacks or allow the user to keep tactical equipment by having multiple pockets and pouches.

  • Face and lungs protection

If you are venturing into a location with high risk of fires or gases, make sure to pack a suitable face mask, such as a half face respirator. It will allow you to breath cleaner air, while not abstracting your vision and movements. There are various manufacturers producing them, so make sure you do your research.

  • Footwear

Tactical footwear is specifically designed to keep up in tough terrains and conditions, and allows you to quickly move away from danger. They are lightweight, have a good grip and are breathable. They need to have tough laces in order to prevent them from snapping, should be comfortable around the ankles and have soles which do not make noise while walking. Their use is not only restricted to law enforcement personnel, hunters and hikers can also use them for outdoor activities.

  • Equipment

Tactical equipment like binoculars, night vision goggles, laser sights are popular in military personnel. These are equipped with cutting edge features, advanced scopes and gun sights.

  • Accessories

Most important one in this list is the tactical belt which holds all of your equipment in one place and easy to access at the time of dire need. So, the belt needs to be very strongly built and soft. There are various types of tactical belts available in the market.
Based on the profession you are in you have to choose the best one.

For example, a tactical belt is made tough and durable enough to hold up to 15 pounds and not break and last long.

Things to keep in mind if you wish to buy tactical gear

  • Threat levels

Some products like armor come with different threat levels and are rated by the level. Higher the level, the more protection you get. You can choose the level according to the purpose of buying that product. You can get a singular tactical vest for body armor then upgrade the different steel body armor plates depending on the level of protection you are needing.

  • Storage

Different products have different storage capacities. For example, there are safe locks to store your tactical gear. These are available in different versions and have varying storage capacity. You can choose the capacity depending on your use.

  • Size

Gear may come in different sizes so as to make it more suitable for you. Bags or pouches are available in different sizes and it becomes extremely important for you to choose a suitable size as large size would increase the weight.

  • Quality

You should in no case compromise on the quality of the gear you are buying. You can find good quality products at affordable prices.

Use of tactical gear by civilians

Are you wondering if civilians can use the tactical gear and if it is compliant with the law? One can, if his intention is not to pose as law enforcement personnel. You still need to check the laws of the country you are living in and make sure you are not put behind bars for breaking laws.

In the United State of America, tactical gear has been sold to civilians for a long time now and there are multiple stores selling surplus military gear.

It is interesting that what started out as a means to protect military and law enforcement personnel has found common use too. Tactical gear owes its growing popularity to its durability, convenience, sturdiness and lightweight. Tactical gear has been a blessing to hunters, hikers and civilians looking to keep themselves or their homes safe.