Every gun handler and hunter should know about gun safety. A fun hunting trip can turn into a tragic accident if gun safety is not properly taught and used. Many people enjoy hunting as a pastime—therefore, it is important to follow all gun safety rules and make sure everyone stays safe.

Gun safety is something that every responsible gun owner should learn. Gun owners have a key role to play in the gun safety laws. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the gun safety you can use while hunting and how to keep you and your weapons safe from any danger or accidents:

Top Gun Safety Tips While Hunting

1. Treat Your Gun Like It is Loaded at All Times

Even when you are sure the gun is empty, treat it like it’s loaded. Never point the gun directly at anyone and try keeping it pointed at the ground at all times. This will help avoid any accidents. There have been several cases where someone playing with a gun ended up losing their life because the gun was thought to be empty but it had a bullet in the chamber. Always make sure the gun’s action is open when a gun is changing hands.

2. Don’t Touch the Trigger Until You are Sure You are Going to Shoot

Even the best handgun handlers need to follow this rule. Never put your finger on the trigger especially when loading a weapon. Another important rule to follow is not to pull the trigger even if the gun’s safety mechanism is engaged, the safety mechanism can fail and shouldn’t be depended on. Remember, you are the gun handler and it is ultimately your responsibility to use your common sense to keep everyone safe.

3. Don’t Mix Guns and Alcohol 

Too much alcohol can lead to problems. If you are going camping with your buddies and plan on having some cold ones, make sure you wait until all firearms are put away. Alcohol affects your decision making, and it is easier to make a mistake while you are drunk. Handling or showing a gun while under the influence can end up in a horrendous mistake. Make sure everyone puts all firearms away in their secure cases before beginning to drink, and make sure no one consumes more alcohol than they can handle.

4. Store Guns and Ammunition Separately

This is a tip that you should follow year-round. No gun owner wants to see someone get hurt because of a mistake they made. Accidents do happen, and children can and do happen to stumble into a hidden gun every now and then. This is why you should always keep your gun and ammo separately. This will prevent any accidents from happening. Another important tip is to never leave a gun loaded. This is an extremely dangerous practice because a child might stumble into the weapon and accidentally fire it.

5. Always Check What’s Behind Your Target

Handling a gun can be dangerous even when handled by a professional. One unlucky mistake can cause a deadly accident. This is especially true while hunting, always check your surroundings before you shoot. One of the most common hunting accidents is when a hunter confuses a person for an animal. This can end up in a horrible accident. Always make sure you know what you’re aiming at before you aim, you have to also make sure that there are no building or people beyond the animal you are hunting that might get hit by a stray bullet. Once you are sure that you have a clear shot, then you can aim your gun and set your shot up.

6. Check Your Barrel for Obstructions

Any obstruction in the barrel can be a risk to your personal safety. Always check your guns barrel and make sure it is free of any debris. Remember to always treat a gun like its loaded. Make sure it has no ammo in the gun’s magazine or chamber. Don’t only double check, but triple check to ensure that your gun is unloaded. Use a flashlight to look down your guns barrel. If you see any obstructions make sure you use an appropriate cleaning rod to remove them. Repeat steps as necessary.

In Conclusion

Hunting can be a lot of fun whether you are doing it with your friends or with your family trying to create memories. However, hunting can be extremely dangerous and should always be taken seriously. Do not let any young kids handle guns, and the ones that are old enough should be taught about gun safety before being allowed to handle a gun. Gun safety is everyone’s job and a gun can be an extremely dangerous weapon. Make sure you educate yourself on gun safety and know the procedures to properly handle a gun before you go out hunting.