Heater Body Suit Review
The Heater Body Suit is a great way to extend your cold weather sits. It not only is functional with a proven track record, but its versatility and quality might give you the edge you’ve been looking for.
Quality Construction
  • Simple design with proven functionality
  • Variety of camo patterns
  • One hunting garment for all cold weather
  • Bulky
  • Does not allow for easy movement
  • Not rain proof
4.9Overall Score
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With winter weather moving in across the country many whitetail hunters will be packing up for the year. Although late season hunting can offer a real bounty in the woods, frigid temperatures simply make decent sits too uncomfortable for many hunters. If you’ve got good late season whitetail hunting, but can’t stand the cold, you might give the Heater Body Suit a look.

Things to Consider

The Heater Body Suit was designed specifically for cold weather tree stand or ground blind hunting. It might be an ideal solution for someone who lives in an area where winter weather really makes the hunting difficult. Before purchasing you’ll probably need to think about how many extremely cold days you get that impact your hunting. You’ll also want to consider whether the property you hunt has good late season hunting. Extreme cold weather causes significant changes to deer movement and might turn your spot into a ghost town. On the other hand, the cold temps could really heat things up.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is how you’ll receive precipitation when you plan to wear the suit. It’s not likely to be a good choice for locations where abundant rainfall is expected. This suit was made specifically for cold weather and snow, not rainfall. Finally, it’s worth noting that spot and stalk hunters also won’t find this product useful. It simply isn’t made for that kind of hunting. That being said, if you’ve got good hunting when Old Man Winter shows his face, the Heater Body Suit might just give you the edge to cash in on late season deer movement.

What is the Heater Body Suit

The Heater Body Suit is touted as the ultimate cold weather hunting garment by its manufacturer. Many of the hunting industry’s top professionals praise this suit as the best option for cold weather clothing as well. Simply put, this specialty product is like a hunting sleeping bag on steroids. It was developed to keep you on stand longer in the most brutal weather you’ll face. Designed to be worn over your other hunting clothes, it traps your own body heat to keep you toasty. No chemicals, no batteries, nothing special, just simple body heat. The folks that make the Heater Body Suit are so confident that you’ll stay warm while using their product they offer a full refund if you get cold while using it. What more could you ask for?

Features and Benefits


One of the biggest advantages the Heater Body Suit offers is its ultra simplicity. Some coats these days promise to deliver you relief from the cold via battery power. Others use chemicals to provide warmth on the coldest days. While these high tech options might be appealing to some, some choose the KISS principle. Keep it super simple. The folks who developed the Heater used only the best materials in production. They layer these fabrics together not only keep your body heat in, but to also keep out the cold air and wind. Watch the brief video below demonstrating how the suit is constructed. By using five specialty layers, each with its own unique purpose, the Heater uses creative design rather than technology to keep you warm. Though technology may fail, the trustworthy design will always work. Based on the idea that if you are producing body heat it will keep you warm there is very little that can go wrong.

Room to Move

Another aspect of this suit that late season hunters may find appealing is the added room it offers. As mentioned, the Heater uses specialty materials to provide a barrier to the cold. The design also has other benefits as well. The bulky design creates a large empty space between you and the suit. Because air acts as a barrier to heat transfer the empty space will also keep you warm. I’d make sure when ordering to ensure the Heater would be plenty big while wearing your hunting clothes. Getting it too small could diminish this added bonus.

Not only will the empty space keep you warm, but it has other benefits as well. For one, it allows you to conceal movement that would normally be out in the open. That comes in especially handy on cold days and long sits when you’ll likely be reaching for snacks to pass the time or reaching for your phone. All the movements that could potential spook a deer can go undetected hidden by the suit itself. Whether you are reaching for a snack, fiddling with your phone, or just like to fidget, the added bulk of this product will ensure you stand less of a chance getting picked off by your quarry.


Not only is this garment well designed, but it offers more versatility than first meets the eye. First off, you might first think the Heater Body Suit can only be used on super cold days. In fact, it might be a great option for mid-fall mornings as well. Many times when I head out into the pre-dawn light the air is a bit cold. To stay comfortable I often wear several layers to try and stay warm. As soon as the sun comes up however, I start shedding layers to avoid sweating too much. This suit would possibly provide an adequate fix for a situation like this. Simply tote it to the field in the darkness and hunker down in it while the air is chilled. As soon as the sun comes up you can easily undo the zipper and have your normal fall hunting clothes on.

The Heater also offers versatility for seasonal change as well. As the seasons turn, you’ll likely want to change your camo pattern as well. We are all aware that Mossy Oak or Real-Tree looks great in the fall, but as winter takes over it’ll make you stand out like a sore thumb. The folks who produce the Heater also produce a lineup of coveralls for the unit to match seasonal conditions. These coveralls include waterfowl, snowfall, and snow white patterns. By purchasing a few of the different patterns you’ll not only be able to hunt from a tree stand with your suit, but you can take it hunting birds in a layout blind, or even predator hunting on a winter landscape. That type of versatility may come in handy if you have the opportunity to hunt a variety of species.

Quality Construction

The final major benefit of the Heater Body Suit is the quality construction of the garment. This suit boasts heavy duty zippers in addition to top quality materials. These materials not only keep you warm, but also were specifically chosen for their silence in the field. Some of the top names in the business like, Levi Morgan, point to this quality construction as one thing that allows them to be successful in the late season. Not only will the quality zippers allow you silent access out of the suit, but they will last. If you’ve ever bought much outdoor gear such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and the like, you are probably already aware the zippers seem like the first thing to go. Good heavy duty zippers will keep your Heater Body Suit lasting long after the cheaper models have bit the dust.

Part of the quality construction of this garment is derived from the fact it is made in the USA. Folks from Green Bay, Wisconsin, who know a thing or two about cold weather, are the good men and women who create this suit. If buying an American made product is something that is a high priority for you, the Heater is right up your alley.

Social Proof

When you browse the Internet you can’t help but notice the abundance of positive reviews on this product. A few of the reviews you’ll encounter might be similar to one gentleman who claims to have sat for six hours in -5˚ weather in the suit with no problems. On one popular bowhunting forum another gent says he “loves the Heater Body Suit for its warmth.” Another advocate of the Heater claims to have sat all day in -15˚ in Canada before shooting a nice buck. Wherever your search takes you, you’ll likely see good things said about this product.

Alternatives to the Heater Body Suit

If you’ve looked in the Heater Body Suit but can’t decide if it’s right for you, there are a few similar product options as well. One popular choice is the IWOM hunting suit. Although the IWOM and the Heater suits operate on the same basic principle there some big differences. One difference is the IWOM’s basic design. While the Heater is like a big cocoon, the IWOM is more like a heavy duty coat with a bottom attached. Having arms on the IWOM allows you to stay within the comforting warmth at all times. It also boasts many pockets and integrated face warmer as well. The IWOM and the Heater seem to be regarded as the top products in this niche.

Another choice some folks are talking about is the Canadian Cocoon. This product is more similar in shape to the Heater, but offers one big design difference you might like. The main difference is that with the cocoon you can slip your arms out of the garment instead of undoing a zipper. The main benefit this offers is the advantage of keeping your body heat trapped in the bag rather than letting the heat escape when you go to shoot. On the downside, these armholes would have to let a bit of a draft in. Undoubtedly some cold air would certainly find its way into this suit. Another drawback to this product may be availability. Finding one for sale online might prove to be a challenge.

Lastly the SlumberJack Kryptek Camo Thermal cloak might pop up on your radar for cold weather hunting garments. This suit is markedly different from the other hunting suits we’ve discussed to this point. For one, this system slips over your head more like a poncho than a sleeping bag. Like the Canadian Cocoon it also allows you to slip your arms out the side of the garment allowing for easy access. Another feature that might be appeal to you is the fact you can lift the bottom of the hunting cloak and pin it up. By doing this you allow yourself the opportunity to walk to your stand and possibly climb your stand all while wearing the product. The added mobility might be just what you’re looking for. Once again, a system like this will likely allow a draft into the suit, but offers a few features other options don’t.


An avid hunter can potentially benefit from any of these products. During extremely cold situations deer are much more active for a variety of reasons. The problem is that staying on stand at this time of year has been difficult for hunters in the past. The Heater Body Suit might be a good way to extend your cold weather sits. It not only is functional with a proven track record, but its versatility and quality might give you the edge you’ve been looking for. Follow this link to check out more on this highly recommended system.

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