Magnifiers are special attachments used with non-magnifying scopes to lock specific targets during a long-range shooting. A Red Dot Magnifier has a Red Dot sight in front of it with a screwed Magnifier.

The Red Dot is ideal for making a short-range shooting even though it doesn’t provide any magnification. Many screws give a magnification of 2X, but also 3X, and 6X options are available (check out the best 3x magnifiers here). Magnifiers are screwed on the riffle at any given time to curb emergencies.

Flip-side Mounts are used to attaching the magnifiers. They increase the Red Dot’s accuracy and speed of identifying the target in instances of shorter ranges. The Flip-Side mounts are meant to counter-effect the problem faced by normal magnifiers.

Red Dot Magnifiers (check out here the best ak red dought)  are often used with any riffle. The optics are compatible with any weapon. When dealing with long-range shooting, it is preferable to use a high powered scope. The high powered range will increase the accuracy of the aimed target. A Red Dot with a magnifier inside is suitable when dealing with the short-range medium shooting of approximately 100-300 yards. Most importantly, it is also crucial to note that any magnification level slows down the sped of locking any given target. Any magnifier reduces the field of view, and therefore it’s advisable to use a variable powered scope to attain good results.

Red Dot Sights with additional magnifiers are cost-effective than scopes but are more durable and portable to carry. Magnifier adds around 10-18 ounces to the riffle, though the specifications usually vary with manufacturers.

When magnifiers are not in use, they can make a riffle challenging to handle. Its susceptibility to damage is also high because of the hanging optics. The screwing process in a magnifier takes time, thus delaying to lock the target.

Flip Aside Gear may obstruct target viewing, and therefore it should be removed when not in use to avoid the risk of getting caught. The Magnifier magnifies the Red Dot as well. Consequently, it can limit the field of view. So if one doubles the distance, the Dot will double and take up to a space of around 12 inches.

The above difficulty can be addressed by using a tiny aiming tip, for example, the Chevron Tip. The magnification of 6X won’t be enough, and therefore one has to purchase the Flip-Sided Mount, which has combined cost with the Magnifier.

Red Dots positions one’s target and reticle on the same plane. They, therefore, make aiming more comfortable, and then one can fire without much effort. They are suitable for the military and recreational purposes like paintball, where a quick target is required.

Red Dots don’t offer magnification, and there is no need to adjust for parallax errors, otherwise called eye relief. They have therefore attached anywhere in the riffle and used for night vision.

In conclusion, magnifiers have brought a great deal in transitioning between long and shoot distance shooting process. They will even get better as technology advances. More far –range magnifiers are yet to be invented as time goes.