Camping is one of the ways to enjoy nature, while also being accompanied by friends and family. Generally, foods, clothes, toiletries, and a tent are sufficient for outdoor camping. We use those things in our day-to-day life except the tent.

So, how much does a camping tent cost? Well, with so many options out there, the prices vary depending on the size as well as other features added to the camping tents. 

That’s why; it is important to determine which type of tent you need; then you can decide how much you should spend on a tent. 

How Much Does a Camping Tent Cost: Different tents of the various price range

Price and Features

As the market is very competitive, the prices depend on the features like size, durability, and many more. If you need one, you can check out some inexpensive 4-Season Tents here.

A 3-season tent, for example, will cost you less than a 4-season will. Because a 4-season tent should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. So, the added durability will cost you more money too. 

Likewise, a 1-person tent a very tiny one that gives shelter to only one person. So, this is not going to be as expensive as a 4-person tent is. These tents are best for stealth camping.

Additionally, you have other things to consider such as the quality of the rainfly, guylines, vents, etc. That said, now we can see what we can expect in different price ranges. 

Tents Under $50

Pop-up Tents

There many pop-up tents that can shelter only two people. They are very tiny and don’t require any poles to set up. Besides, the price is very affordable; around $35. 

However, when you fold a pop-up tent, it doesn’t get small enough to fit your backpack. Although you can use it where the weather good, you cannot rely on it when the climate is a little harsh.

2-Person Tents

If you ask about the standard entry-level price of a 2-Person tent, the $40 to $50 range is going to be the answer. Although you cannot expect the level of durability and sustainability within this price range that you may expect in an expensive tent, you will still get the following features in them:

  • Waterproof Seams
  • Rainfly
  • Ventilation 
  • Guylines

Tents between $50 to $100 

In this range, the durability and comfort increase as well as you get more to fit 4 people. You can also find a good quality 2-Person tent within this range. And they should be very lightweight which is good for backpacking.

4-Person Tents

Although there won’t enough room for movement, there will still be enough room for 4 persons to sleep. Additionally, the tents will include a bathtub floor which means there will be a technical barrier to prevent water from messing up the tent. 

Tents Between $100 to $150

As you are going to spend more money on the tent, you are likely to be finding the best item out there. Likewise, the real difference between this price range and the previous one is the quality. The features are going to remain almost the same. However, here you can afford a 6-Person tent as well. 

2-Person Tents

Within this price range, you can expect some more features in a 2-Person Tent:

  • A footprint that covers the ground to provide you with more comfort. 
  • Increased waterproofness. 
  • Vestibules for your goods to keep them covered outside the tent. 

6-Person Tents

Although you can’t get the highest quality 6-Person tent within this price range, you can still afford one with mid-level quality. The more people accompany you, the more fun you can have. So, if you are planning for tent camping and there are more than 4 people, you can start from this price range. 

Tents Between $150 to $250

You need a good quality 4-Season tent to withstand the harsh environment of the winter. The good thing is you can afford one within the price range of $150 to $250. 

Besides, you will find lightweight tents which also means your tour becomes more comfortable. 

Big Tents 

When a group of people plans for tent camping, they need a bigger tent. You are going to find 8 to 14-Person tents within this price range. A pretty decent amount, right?

Tents Between $250-$500

As you are spending more money on the tent, you are going to get high-quality tents within this price range. No worries about the size, durability. Plus, the tents are going to be more comfortable than the cheaper ones. The additional features you can expect are:

  • Room positions that secure some sort of privacy.
  • Darkened room. Pretty cool, right?
  • More vent customization
  • Higher quality poles and clothes. 

$500 tents

This is where you will find almost every feature according to your specifications. Moreover, they are going to be ultralight tents that every backpacker loves. You will also get cabin or yurt-like tents for a price of around $500. 


When you ask: how much does a camping tent cost, there is no constant answer. As the price varies depending on various features, you can’t simply utter an amount. Yet, we can set some price ranges after evaluating the features and prices. Here, we have done the same. 

Now that you know camping tent prices and the differences in size and qualities with different price ranges, you can make a wise investment now. So, buy a good-quality tent and pack your bag for the next camping destination.