The No-Peep is an eye alignment device. There is a lens with a dot. Behind the lens is a ring. You adjust it so the dot is inside the ring when you are at your anchor point. The No-Peep will train you to draw to the same anchor point every time. You just draw your bow while looking at your sight pins and target. You will see the No-Peep in your peripheral vision. You just move your head slightly to align the dot in the ring if it is off. Most of the time it will be aligned because the No-Peep has trained you like an Olympic archer.

Some bow sights have a front and rear sight. Like a pistol sight, the front and rear sight are too close together for accuracy. The optics of the No-Peep magnifies misalignment. Comparing the No-Peep to these other bow sights is like comparing a scoped rifle to a pistol.

The No-Peep will work with any type of sight; fixed pins, moveable sight, or pendulum. In fact, the No-Peep will enhance the accuracy of your pendulum sight. The reason most people shoot high from a treestand is a change in form rather than the effects of gravity. Most tend to drop their bow arm as they aim down. That shortens your draw length. The peep sight moves up as the string angle changes when the string moves forward. As little as 1/4″ change in draw length can make you shoot 6″-12″ high. A pendulum sight won’t correct for a change in form. This can’t happen with the No-Peep because it is attached to the bow, not the string. Your eye will be in the same position every time, regardless of the light.

The No-Peep bracket has 4 mounting positions so you can mount the No-Peep either above or below your sight pins.


One of the biggest advantages of the No-Peep is it points out bad form. Most people who start using the No-Peep find they have several problems in their form that keeps them from shooting to their potential. Some of the common problems the No-Peep will tell you are:

Bow Torque – This is one of the most common problems of archers and one of the most difficult to diagnose. Gripping your bow too tight or tension in your bow hand or arm causes the bow to rotate in your hand. Bow torque causes your groups to string out left and right. Picture the images in the No-Peep as a straight line coming from the No-Peep to your eye. When your bow rotates that line rotates and the images no longer align. That tells you that you are torquing your bow. Picture a line going from your arrow to the target. Your arrow is no longer pointed at the target when the bow rotates. That is why controlling bow torque is so important.

Hand Placement – Changing the location or pressure of your hand on the bow grip will cause the arrow to change point of impact. That is why some target archers tattoo a permanent line on their hand to line up with the center of the grip. Wearing a glove in cold weather can also change hand placement. Adding a bow quiver will change bow balance and the way you grip it. The No-Peep will let you know of any changes because the images will not align. Changing hand placement can cause your groups to string out either vertically or horizontally, depending on how you change pressure on the grip.


Everyone has probably had their nocking point move. The nocking point or serving slips up the string. The nocking point will move on one cam bows as the string stretches. The nocking point is not in the center of the string, like on 2 cam bows. You have more than twice as much string above the nocking point as below. The string stretches equally so the nocking point moves as the string stretches. The nocking point will move as you draw an out of time two cam bow. Change the draw length slightly at full draw by pulling hard into the stops and the nock point will move as the cams take up string at a different rate. Normally you would not notice these problems until you start missing. The No-Peep will identify nocking point movement immediately because the No-Peep images will not line up vertically when you draw to your anchor point.

The No-Peep comes with its own mounting bracket that mounts under your sight. It will work with any type of sight. You can mount it either out the front or back of the bow. One model fits either right or left hand. You just flip it over for left hand. The No-Peep bracket has 4 mounting positions so you can mount the No-Peep either above or below your sight pins.

Sometimes the limb will shift in the limb pocket or the cam bearings will wear so the cam leans. The No-Peep will also tell you about these changes because the images will not align horizontally. You know something has changed in your equipment any time you are at your anchor and the No-Peep images don’t align. You don’t have to wait until you start missing to find out something has changed.


Most archers have had target panic in one form or another. You don’t have to go to a wine club to fight it. We have had numerous reports that target panic has been eliminated with the No-Peep. The addition of the No-Peep seems to break that mental problem of putting the sight pin on the target. Seeing the No-Peep in your peripheral vision changes the way you aim. The brain is no longer solely focused on the sight pin and target and that change many times does away with target panic. Sometimes a small change like that lets you recondition the brain and retrain it without the bad habits.

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