Entertaining guests outdoors during warmer seasons have become more popular today. The kitchen in the back yard does this best (No entertainment could go without consuming some food, drinks, and snacks). An outdoor kitchen can be structured to perform multiple functions: cooking food, roasting, warming could be too obvious – such kitchens could also contain fireplaces, create room for outdoor games for kids; they find it fun mixing and baking. Generally, coming up with an outdoor kitchen with appliances installed in it could range from $7000 to $13000. This could shoot up to $1500 when paving, and overhead structures are included. However, the construction costs depend on the option of materials you pick, the kind of appliances included, and, to some extent, the site you decide to locate the kitchen.

What is an outdoor grill?

An outdoor kitchen of a good standard must contain coolers, access doors, trash bins, sinks, storage drawers doors, countertops, worktops, etc. Did you know the most important feature of a backyard kitchen? Built-in grill crowns it all. For this reason, no one ever thinks of skimping on a cheap grill that cannot satisfy. The built-in grill makes your kitchen more lucrative and of multiple purposes, especially when it comes to supporting roasting, warming, grilling lobster and entire cooking. There are various kinds of grills that can be installed in outdoor areas, and you can find some good models made especially for an outdoor setting in Outdoor Cooking Pros.

How to build an outdoor grill- gas grill

Charcoal grills and electric grills are somehow easy to modify and make fit your kitchen. Did you know it is also possible to combine materials and find gas grills under 300 range? It does not cost much to come up with something like a gas grill that will fit your outdoor kitchen needs. To achieve this, the following are required: long-life stainless steel tube burners, stainless steel plates under covering head, thick rolled steel surface, stainless steel griddle tops, natural gas storage tank, and steel sheets. The necessary legal requirements is a permit for any electric or plumbing work for the gas system. The tools you are likely to use in making a gas grill include drill and drill bits, bandsaw, welder, cutting disk and angle grinder, bar clamps, power grinder, metre saw, pointing trowel, finishing trowel, hammer, tin snips e.t.c.


On the space left for the grill, construct a concrete block wall to form a U shaped frame with the top and one of the sides open. This should be done on a concrete slab. Coat the inside of the frame with a steel sheet. A major feature in a gas grill is the burner. Burners heat up the cooking surface—create your burners for your grill to be unique. Make four burners out of the steel tubes. Connect the natural gas to the grill area from your house. Fix a ball valve rated for gas to control and enable the mixing of air and natural gas. It is also important to include a pressure regulator within the gas passage. The gas pipe joining the tube must have an air hole with an adjustable knob to attain a nice blue flame in each no the four burners. The burner tubes are then carefully welded onto black iron reducer fitting.

The next step is to place the cooking surfaces. You will prefer an expandable grill grate to cover your burners well. Stainless steel cooking grates are far much better than cast iron cooking grates since they can last for a very long time if properly maintained and have easy to clean surface. However, the latter retains heat better and longer than other types. Install electronic ignition, integrated with a gas control knob to regulate the temperature at a wide range. Eventually, it is important to give the grill a good covering. Your custom grill enclosure can be finished with a material that is durable, and that matches landscaping and kitchen exterior. Cover the necessary parts with stainless steel plates and test your grill.


Making a gas grill for an outdoor kitchen is possible by assembling the appropriate materials. The materials should be purchased from the entrusted supplier for uniformity. General precautions must be taken during the installation of the grill (check with authorities for fire code regulations). Outdoor kitchen projects could be costly, although you can start with a low budget and advance with time.