Depending on where you live in the country, you may be able to do more than in other places. If you are still living in an area that is locked down, then it does limit what you are able to do, especially when it comes to outdoor pursuits. If you live in a built-up area, then this can be even worse as there will be more people so even more limited options. In some areas National Parks aren’t open and even local parks where you might normally go hunting or fishing are also closed. 

No matter what your current situation is, it is quite fair to say that if you are someone who loves the outdoors, your outside time is being curtailed. You might be able to get to hills or rivers easily from where you live, but this might not be for everyone. So what can we do to satisfy our need to be outdoors and quench our adventurous side? Here are some ideas that may help to pass the time.

Start planning

Things are changing all of the time, and where you live won’t always have the rules or lockdown that it has currently. We may not have a set date for this kind of thing, but you can plan ahead for when you get the green light to go camping or go fishing, and then add it to your ‘to do’ list. Are there any trips that you have always wanted to do and just never got around to doing? Think big, and get planning your dream trip. This can take time, and you have some time now. Plan our routes, plan out adventures, look at maps, and then when you’re ready to go and you’re able to move more freely, you can get going!


If you have an outside space then this can be something great to do. It is like a mini-outdoor pursuit, but from the comfort of your own backyard. Take this time to cook outside, enjoy the fire, and toast marshmallows. When the evening rolls around, you can imagine that you’re pretty much anywhere, as the darkness will look the same regardless. So huddle around the fire and imagine that you are in a far off place. You could always take it one step more and camp outside. 

Rest and relax

With so much uncertainty at the moment, it can be hard to remember when you were last so fully relaxed. Although you might not think of this time as a time to relax, as we still have family life and work life to think about, it can be a time to do different things as we might not have the same pressures that we have been used to. Use it as a time to think about doing things that you enjoy, and even looking into new things to try. You could even look into something like Kentucky Derby online bets as a way to do something that you might normally do, but it will look a little different this time around. Give yourself some time to appreciate the smaller things in life and then just enjoy them for what they are. 

We are all different and have different things going on, but it is important to understand how to relax and what you really enjoy.