Few things are as fun as camping and fishing in Southern California with your friends. Being close to nature is fun, but camping is not what you see in the movies; it entails a great deal more. If you do not have particular skills or knowledge, your camping trip will be cut short prematurely, and you will not enjoy it. Without some skills or expertise, you may be putting yourself and your friends into dangerous situations. In this article, you will learn about some vital camping skills that you need to know.

Plant and animal knowledge

There is a reason it is called the “wild.” Everything out there has to deal with harsh weather conditions to survive. You are not used to the wild; you only came for fun or adventure. To be safe, you need to have enough knowledge of the plants and animals that populate the area you plan to go camping in. With this knowledge, you can adequately prepare for any eventuality. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are poisonous plants and cunning animals that may cause you strife if you do not plan adequately. Ensure you do proper research on areas you plan to go camping in to know what to expect.

Map reading

With apps such as Google Maps readily accessible on most smartphones, a good knowledge of geography and map reading may seem obsolete. But it is in your best interest to have some geography knowledge and read actual paper maps. You should also know how to use a compass, read the terrain, and use the stars to know your location. If not, you may find yourself far away from civilization and unable to make your way back.

First Aid

Anything can happen in the wild. Your situation can change in an instant, and if you or any of your camping party gets injured, you should be able to treat the injury quickly. Good knowledge of first aid will ensure that the damage does not get infected or does not lead to something worse. It may take you a while before you get back to civilization or a clinic so, first aid is critical. Remember to pack a first aid kit before you go camping and ensure that every member of your camping party packs one too. It could be the difference between a happy trip and a bad experience.

Survival skills

Camping in the wild requires survival skills. You may soon find yourself in a dire situation that you may struggle to get out of without these. From foraging for food to cook and lighting a campfire to protecting yourself from a wild animal, a single failure could be catastrophic. Before you even consider camping, you must learn some basic survival skills. Some of the most noteworthy ones include; building a campfire, cooking, map reading, plant and animal knowledge, defensive skills, and being mentally strong. Most of these survival skills require constant practice to become good at them. They could be the difference between a fun time and a harrowing experience.