Whether you are looking for an overall health boost or looking to enhance your endurance levels, it is good to know how to maximize your fitness efforts for maximum results. You might dislike exercise or sports at all. If so, don’t worry as these tips can work for everyone. 

Here are some top tips for how to fall in love with exercise again, or for the first time ever.

Get tips from the experts

With exercise, you don’t have to be in it alone. You can get a friend or even advice from an expert to help you love a particular exercise or sport. 

For instance, you might have a keen passion for hockey. Listening to hockey podcasts might help you attain great hockey knowledge and opinions from longtime lovers of the sport. Likewise, it might help to motivate you to participate in the sports themselves. 

Hence, getting tips and advice from the experts can ensure that you get the most out of the movements and your time/efforts. You may opt to consult them about organic medicinal mushroom capsules and other supplements. These could aid you in your fitness journey and help you achieve your health goals.

Go outside or inside

You might dislike exercise because you are getting bored of staring at your wall doing situps. Or, you might get bored of the same running route. Either way, you should change up where you exercise to seek a newfound motivation. 

When you change where, when, and how you exercise, you won’t find it as boring or dull. Hence, you will enjoy it more and notice when you are falling out of love again so that you can switch things up to rekindle that love. 

Get a buddy

If you dislike working out alone, then it can help to get a buddy. This doesn’t mean that you have to ask around to persuade someone to exercise with you. You should find someone that is motivated and excited. Otherwise, you might not be as inspired to exercise. 

If you are both as motivated as one another, then you can push each other to keep going. You will no longer quit or fall behind as you will have someone pushing you forward. 

Find an exercise that you love

Like trying new places to exercise, it can be just as effective to try new exercises. You might dislike the idea of working out because you hate the idea of HIIT circuits or cycling. With there being so many types of sports and exercise, you could try something new every day. 

Trying new exercises will result in finding one or more that you absolutely love. Hence, you will somewhat look forward to exercising

Set a routine

A routine is important and very beneficial when it comes to working out. A lack of routine can soon knock you out of the cycle of fitness. 

Dedicating an hour every few days (on the same days each week) will help you be prepared and know that you have time to fit in your exercise. Working out 3 or 4 days a week is more than enough to achieve and maintain great health and fitness.