Camping and spending a night outdoors are exciting, except for one thought – cold nights and a freezing tent. When you can’t sleep because it is too cold in your tent, it can ruin what could be a perfect camping experience. Some might just let this experience pass, but others would take the extra mile to gather ideas on how to securely heat the tent and stay warm on a cold night. You can opt to add warmth to your tent without electricity or be a little techie and use some gadgets.

Here are some ways to heat your tents that are safe to use and will work during the winter or cold weather.

Using Hot Water Bottles

This is an ideal alternative if you have a small tent to heat. If you are wondering how to heat your tent using water bottles, this is the best way how. You will need hard plastic or metal bottles for this method. Also, you will use hot water that is close to the boiling point, so avoid ordinary bottles that might not stand up to the heat. Boil up the water and transfer it safely into the water bottles. Spread the bottles inside the tent to release heat for hours and warm it up. If you wake up and are not very hot anymore, pull them close to warm your body.

Heating Rocks

Heating rocks have the same principle as the water bottles. But using hot stones can heat the tent even faster. The catch is that they don’t keep the heat for a long time.

While your campfire is lit, look for stones around the camping area. Place them close to the fire. Don’t throw them into the fire to heat them up, for you will have a hard time taking them out later on.

About half an hour before you sleep, take the stones and wrap them up in cloth or textile material. Then spread them inside your tent, ideally, place them in the corners. When properly wrapped, the stones can remain hot, but the cloth will prevent the tent canvass from melting.

These stones can go cold in three to four hours, but they heat up the tent faster than the water bottles.

Insulate Your Tent

Insulating your tent works best when combined with other heating methods. It will keep the warmth inside longer. If it is not very cold outside, proper insulation will be enough to keep your tent warm with your body heath.

Electric Heaters For Tents

If you have a large tent and you are out camping on a cold season, you might want to use modern technology to help you warm up. There are several safe and secure heaters that you can use for your outdoor activities. Some of the most popular choices for modern campers are the following:

  • Electric blanket – these blankets have extra thin wires under the fabric, and it can keep you warm inside your tent even if it is freezing outside. On the other hand, it needs a power source nearby to work out.
  • Portable Electric Radiator – this can cozily warm up your tent even in winter. But you have to keep an eye on it, and once it stops, the temperature can drop in as soon as 20 minutes.
  • Underfloor heating carpets – it works like the electric blanket, but you can use this as flooring for your tent. Use a heat reflective mat undernet to prevent the cold ground temperature from affecting the carpet’s heat.

There are several methods of warming up your tent during a cold night in the wilderness. You can use a combination of old-school techniques and enjoy safe heating most naturally. You should also ensure that you bring warm clothes if you expect your campgrounds to be extra cold during your adventure. But if you prefer, you can explore modern heating methods that you can bring on your next camping trip. It may be a bit cumbersome to bring if there are long hikes involved, but for car campers, it would be a perfect treat!