What an adventurous and exciting moment it is! When summer conveys us adieu and winter comes, and the thickness of icy lakes are stronger with the hard layer, at that time most of us take preparation to catch the icy Fish “Trout.” It is also funny looking when we wear wool socks, sweater and long underwear and carry the fishing bait and rod in the frozen area.

Trout is found both in saltwater and freshwater. Most of us have a trend to Trout as it has the high catch rate. Besides, the fisher is highly famous for its delicious meat.  Trout is not the warm water species; it lives in the highly oxygenated and cold water. The icy area is the best for trout. If any angler wants to enjoy catching trout, he should follow some rules to make his trip risk free and exciting.

Trout as an iconic specie provides food, recreation and connection with the outdoors with physical and mental health benefits say Donnell Henderson from Fishermen’s Pond. That’s why there has been increasing fishing participation in the USA going as high as 0.5% or almost 2 million new fishing licenses per year. 

Fishing for Trout

Although Trout is not an imperiled species, yet you have to know the proper schedule, correct location, appropriate equipment for fishing and the best moment of having this types of fishes. Besides, one should know what types of dress deserve the icy area.

Frist of all, you must be serious about your appropriate dress up so that you have no possibilities of getting cold. In the icy area, it is tough to keep feet dry and warm, so you need felt-line and heavy boots. You must keep yourself warm with a necessary cloth.

You need gear

When you go to catch trout, you must need cut the piece of ice. You can do this either Ice auger or spud bar. Spud bar is a metal rod with the sharp trip. It Chisels ice smoothly. An ice auger is another machine used to hole cutting the thick layer of ice. Two types of auger are available to hand auger and power auger. Hand auger deserves the muscle power, and the power auger is with the motor.

Using a fishing light will also draw in the smaller fish which in turn, draws in those bigger ones.

Use the fish finder

Using a fish finder is the more interesting and funny.  The powerful devices scan the area and send the sonar waves. By using the best fish finder, you can have appropriate data whether fishes are available in the area or not. So when you go to catch trout, you should use fishing finder to make your trip success.  


These are the devices which are set over the hole of ice. It is too important for having a signal from fishes biting. The angler pulls up the trout by hand after having a signal. Many anglers use multiple tip-ups for increasing the chances of catching trout. 

 The appropriate bait for icy trout

There are some specific baits for catching trout. Among all other baits, some are highly remarkable. You can follow any of the baits for catching traits: such as

Tiny Jigs Tipped with Maggots

It is a splendid bit of catching trout. The jigs are too small with its size. That is why the jigs are called tiny. The jigs have been trapped with a live maggot. The tiny jigs are more productive to catch trout. 

Power bait

Power bait is another familiar bit of catching trout. The bait is also perfect as it is smaller with the size. When one goes to catch trout, he has to bear in mind that the fish trout is with the keen eyesight, so the power baits play the most effective role in this fields. 

Live Minnows

Although it is rare in some area, the bait has the most effective aspect in catching ice fishing like trout. When you go to catch trout, camouflage with a minnow bait under water provide the better result. It is a great way of catching trout; you can also utilize the most effective tactic.  

The best fishing line for trout

When you go to catch trout, you never overlook the selection of the fishing line. Trout is a clever and these have the keen eyesight. So it is better to avoid the heavier line. You should not use the heavier line than the four-pound test for trout fishing.

The fishing rod for trout

When you go to catch trout, you must emphasize on the rod. It is recommended that the light rod with a light tackle is more appropriate for catching trout. The weight of a rod should be 2-8 pounds. On the other hand, the fishing rod should be open faced so that it provides you a plenty of room for changing the fishing style.

It is noticeable that time is the most important factors for catching trout. Morning and evening are the best moments for catching trout. So you can pass the time in the night and morning. At that time, possibilities are more for catching trout.

 Green weeds

Selecting an appropriate place for trout is the most intellectual step. So never make wrong to select the best one. When you have any green bush, you can select the place, because trout stay around the weed and hold freshwater shrimp, forage fish, aquatic insects.

Keep dancing your jig

It is the best practice for catching trout. Jiggling entices fishes to take its food. It is the powerful method to attract fishes. That’s why, there are many baits has been designed like a worm, insects and tiny fishes. Jiggling entice and camouflage the trout, ultimate help to hook.

Be aware of ice safety

When you come with warm in icy terrain for trapping trout, you must bear in mind that there may occur any accident because of your unconsciousness. At the time of taking step, be sure that the thickness of ice is minimum is 4 inches, and the white show is 8 inches. If you are unsure about the thickness of ice, you can hole at least after 200 feet.  Keep the ice safety pick to get out of the water if any accident occurs breaking ice.

The real secret to catching trout is an experience. You can be more skilled through passing the time in the practical field. Trout is not like the Sunfishes and pinfish. Unlike these fishes, trout go fast and pull hard. Those are the cold water fishes, loves to live under the layer of thick ice. So if you ever feel interested in catching trout from the ice area, you must never overlook the mentioned proven techniques for having the better result.

Author bio: The article was provided by Andrew, who writes for Fishinglab.