Many people have decided to carry the gun with the aim at self-defense, and in this case, the accuracy is a major factor in achieving your purpose.

When practicing for improving the accuracy, you had better utilize techniques, which can be used in the conditions that allow you to aim and hit the target precisely wherever you want, even though it is an animal or a person in motion. In this post, we will share you some useful tips to promote the handgun accuracy.

Breathing techniques

For amateur shooters and even experienced shooters, shooting a gun depends on squeezing the trigger and eyeing the target in one’s sight picture. Although this is usually true in general, many unexpected matters may happen when shooting your firearm. The fastest method to enhance the handgun accuracy is to control your breath properly.

You can wonder that why the way you breathe can affect your shot’s accuracy. However, you may feel surprised when knowing that they have a stronger relationship than you are aware of.

  • Do shoot on your half breath.
  • Do not shoot during an exhale or inhale
  • Never shoot when you are holding your breath.

To shoot accurately, you need to provide your body enough oxygen. That is also the reason why you will never shot when holding your breath. Keep a proper pace with your breathing and try to shoot during the pause.

In general, most people are likely to pause for some seconds between their breathing in and breathing out. Those moments are the best time to shoot. We highly recommend inhale, let some air out, then shoot with some air still in your lungs.

Dry firing

You can easily do this exercise without the need of ammunition because its principal purpose is to improve your focus. The dry firing is a typical accuracy exercise, which can be performed without bullets. With this training, you will learn how to cycle through accurately without losing the lock on your target.

When firing the firearm, there is a recoil that always happens. However, when you practice dry firing, there will be no recoil, thus, please consider this.

You can grow a deeper feeling for your gun if there is not any distraction of sound and light when the real ammunition is used. When it comes to dry firing, you have an opportunity to learn how to balance your firearm properly as well as how to hold it still to improve the accuracy.

You should invest on a laser sight, which allows you to know the location you are aiming. Coming down to a laser also let you feel the hands alignment.

Firstly, during a dry firing practice, you need to focus on a safe target and backstop. For me, I utilize a dresser, which is backed up against the stairwell wall. If I manage to launch the bullet at it, the full-of-junk dresser will stop the gun’s projectile.

Slowly press the trigger

Never press the trigger the millisecond your sight is on your locked target because this will lead to the move of your gun and cause a missed shot.

Therefore, just slowly press the trigger smoothly when your sight is in the surrounding area of your target. When practicing, you can learn how to hold your gun steadier and control your view so that it can move around as less as possible on the target. The purpose here is to achieve a full trigger press till the firearm’s action releases without moving your sights off the target. You just need to accept a little wobble.

You will notice that I said “press” in place of “pull” and this is deliberate. If you practice a smooth and slow press perfectly, your brain can acquire a perfect habit. When in a certain situation, you will find that your smooth press is almost automatic.

Follow through!

When firing, keep your watching at the sights until your action is complete. After “clicking” the gun, you will want to observe the same sight of the picture as before your shot. This is where the shot will hit when you fire a live cartridge. Moreover, you should think of the last step when following through. Try to train your eyes so that it can see the sight alignment by the time your gun “fires.” Finally, you will know where the shot hit without having to look at the target.

Use a spotting scope when shooting

The spotting scope is used to score the target at different distances to offer the shooter an accuracy deadly shot.

This kind of accessory is utilized anytime when one needs a better magnification than the one provided by the binoculars. Spotting scopes are used for many purposes such as ships, birding, hunting, landscape viewing, surveillance and seeking for wildlife among many distant objects.

Moreover, the scope is also used for archery and pistol ranges, scoring target on rifles or in taking pictures at long distance and in astronomy.