Packing clothes for your adventurous camping is fun until you realize that you’ve overloaded your bag. 

It’s not your fault because it can be really confusing when the packing hour is there. 

Even if you do select your clothes, most of the time it gets too much for your camping bag to carry. In the end, you get crazy and ask yourself, how to pack clothes for camping?

And in this time of horror, we will be the light to guide you today. So, let’s check out how you’ll prepare your clothes for camping today.

How to Pack Clothes for Camping: 3 Steps to the Best Experience of Camping

Organized packing is the key to packing. You can’t just throw in all your shirts and pants inside of your bag and expect them to fit there. 

Organizing your clothes keeps them fresh and wearable at any time. In the case of camping, that’s what you need because often you won’t have the time to fix your clothes. 

We’ll go sequentially and explain every step of the packing to you. Our goal is to present you with the most comfortable solutions.

Step Zero: Check the Weather

Even though checking the weather is not a part of the packing, the weather affects your camping. An ideal camper would always stay updated on the weather of the camping site.

Now the question is how does the weather affect the packing of clothes? Well, if the weather is chilly and you pack clothes for the summertime, it’s going to be a really dumb decision.

Rain is the worst enemy for any camper. And if you don’t have an RV with you, you’ll be all wet and cold. So, always check the weather and pack according to it. 

However, if you ever face any issue with your RV on camping, RVWarriors is there to help. 

Step 1: Pick What to Wear

Picking clothes is without a doubt the toughest part. The perfect attire for camping is supposed to protect you and also let you enjoy nature.

Still, confused? Well, we categorized your outfits according to the day and nightwear. And this might turn out effective for your packing.

Clothes for Daytime:

We all know that daytime is quite warmer than the nights and the temperatures begin to rise as the sun starts to rise. 

That means you need clothes that’ll keep you comfortable while exposing as little of the skin as possible. Or else, you might face an unwanted sunburn. 

  • Breathable Socks and Underwear
  • Long Sleeve Breathable Shirts
  • Comfortable and Breathable T-Shirts, Pants, or Shorts
  • A Sunglass or Lightweight Hat

Yes, we know that shirts with long-sleeves don’t feel like a wise option. But it’ll work more like protection to save you from mosquitoes and any other irritation from plants.

You just need to make sure that the clothes are well vented and breathable enough for your skin to adjust. 

Nevertheless, remember to pick out bright clothes. Bright clothes will brighten your mood and make you more confident. 

Clothes for Nighttime:

If you’re planning to stay the night at the campsite, you can’t just go to sleep with the set of cloth that you were wearing all day. It’s not going to be a bit of comfort for you.

So, you should grab a few nighttime wears for a goodnight’s sleep.

  • Tank Top or T-Shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • A Long-Sleeve Breathable Shirt
  • Sweatpants

As night times often get chilly, you should try clothes made from nylon or fleece. The materials of these clothes will ensure better warmth for you.

If it gets too cold outside you can wear a pair of wool socks, it’ll keep you warm throughout the night no matter how cold it is outside. 

Extra Clothes to Pack:

The weather is often unpredictable and that might ruin your camping experience for you. There are a few extra clothes that you should pack, just in case. 

So, you should pack for rain. A pair of galoshes and a raincoat with a hood will get you ready for facing rain. 

However, you should also pack your swimwear and a pair of flip flops. You don’t wanna miss the chance of swimming and have a good time with your friends. 

Step 2: Keep It Minimal 

You sure don’t want to go camping with a big suitcase on your back. Because it’s going to take the whole energy out of you and you won’t be having fun while carrying it. 

That is why you have to follow the one-bag rule. You need to grab the minimum amount of cloth that you can and fit all of them in a single bag. The bag should not be too heavy for you to carry.

Now, what’s too heavy? Well, if you can’t carry your packed bag for at least 5-10 minutes, that’s when you know you’re carrying more than you should. 

Step 3: Organize and Pack Your Clothes

Organizing your clothes helps you keep them comfortable and ready for you to wear. 

There are several ways to organize your clothes and we’re going to explain the most convenient ones for you today. 

Outfit Folds:

In this case, you need to figure out each outfit for each day of your camping. You need to grab the whole outfit(socks, undergarments, shirt, and pants) and fold them all together and tie them together.

This way, you can instantly choose and grab the outfit from your bag while camping. You won’t have to pull out all the clothes and create a mess anymore. You have one fold for each day.

Army Folds:

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to save up space in your bag and take all your desired bomb outfits with you, this is the fold you need. 

Bring all your clothes out in the open. Fold your T-shirt or shirt or pant in half first. Now put your thumb inside of the item and fold one inch inside out.

Then start folding the item from bottom to top. Make sure you’re folding tightly so that the item doesn’t get messy in the bag. 

Once you reach the top while folding, pull the inside out parts with your thumb. There you have your giant pill of a cloth. 

Do this to all the items that you’re going to pack and pack them all together. 


So, dear camper, that is all we had on how to pack clothes for camping for you. We hope that all the information was enough for you to pack your clothes today, fingers crossed. 

However, always remember to pack according to your comfortability. Because at the end of the day we want to be free of worries and have fun.