Fishing is one trip that almost everyone goes on at least once in their life. It’s an experience that is significant for fathers and sons, brothers, best friends. Occasionally fathers and daughters will head out onto the water and he will teach her to cast the line and how to find the patience to wait for a bite. It doesn’t matter how much cash you spend on your trip, you need to ensure that you’re spending it in the right place and on the right equipment so that you can go more than once a year. Fishing is a peaceful past time, mainly because you have to be quiet to be able to catch any without scaring them off. It’s the ultimate in bonding experiences and while it may not be adrenaline-inducing in the traditional sense, it still has the power to allow you to relax while you wait, get excited when you get a bite and it gives you a chance to bond closely to someone you have been meaning to spend some time with for a while. Having the right fishing gear gives you the chance to be spontaneous with your vacation time whenever you want to. All it takes is slinging the tackle box in the back of the van and heading out to the water.

A great fishing trip can be one that you remember for the rest of your life. If you’re out there with someone that you love and want to spend quality time with, then it’s something that’ll be remembered and retold for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, a terrible fishing trip also has the same sentiment. Fishing isn’t something that anyone can predict. It’s not just about the behaviours of the fish, either, it’s the climate, the inconsistent bite, and sometimes the downright shock of being caught in a thunderstorm when you were least expecting it. The good news is that there are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that you plan and execute the perfect fishing trip, and we’ve got some of the best tips below for you.

Set A Budget. Believe it or not, you’re going to need to plan financially before you head off on this trip. You need to know whether you have the funds to upgrade the rusty fishing rod you’ve stored in the garage, and if you are heading out to sea for some deep-sea fishing, you’re going to need better and stronger equipment that you have right now. Deep-sea fishing is an extreme sport, whereas fly-fishing you could be doing on streams and rivers. Your budget is going to determine which of anything you can afford, and if you’ve got your budget right, you’re going to manage to catch the fish that you want to catch.

The Right Location. Fishing is tactical. You need to find the exact right body of water that will have the fish you want to hook. It’s not a short activity and you need to have patience to be able to fish for the day; especially as your bite may not be so consistent, no matter how good the braided fishing line and bait is! Combine your fishing trip with a camping weekend and you’ll be able to choose a campsite with great facilities. Most of the best fishing spots get a little overtaken, so do your research and choose one a little further off the beaten track so that you can choose somewhere truly beautiful.

Know Your Fish. Not all fish are suited to be caught and you need to know which fish inhabit which body of water, because otherwise you’re going to end up with a lot of unused bait and hooks that the fish in the water just can’t get their mouths around. You wouldn’t show up to freshwater lakes known for their population of bass, only to have catfish bait in your tackle box. Always give the fishing reports at your location a look over, and once you know which fish you are targeting, have the right hooks and bait on board.

Get Your Gear Ready. You need the right gear if you want your trip to go well. You need to have the right rods and reels to go alongside the bait that you have bought for the fish you want to catch (Check out Fishstainable for great reviews and buying guides!). You should also chuck a tent and a fold out chair into the car, because when those rains come down you really don’t want to be stuck in the mud. It’s not just the tackle box you need to think about either, or the tent. It’s nice to have somewhere to duck behind when the skies open, but what are you planning on wearing? You could be expecting lovely sunshine and end up with a rainstorm to end all storms. Being clever about the weather is the key to your success, so choose to bring with you the right waterproofs, boots and spare socks. Bring warm clothes to keep you comfortable in the heavy winds, too.

Camp Away. With the fact you need a tent and chair, you could make a huge day of it while you’re there. Bring along a camping stove for lunch (and the lunch, of course), and choose a location that isn’t going to put you at risk. Yogi Bear may have been a cute cartoon, but a real bear coming to steal your picnic kind of takes the magic away from the trip! Sometimes, fishing can be a little boring. That’s not an insult, just reality of the hobby, so why not bring along some cards and puzzle books for when the waters are a little quieter than you’d like?

Don’t Sit On The Side. Most of the time, you could find yourself up to your ankles on the sidelines while you cast your fishing line. Instead of just being next to the tent and the chairs, why not get on the water? If you’ve got a friend with a boat or someone who knows how to get a boat, invite them along on your trip. They don’t have to know that you only invited them for convenience. Being on the water gives you the chance to really feel involved with what you’re doing and be closer to the fish.

Plan Your Food. How long do you plan to be out in the wilderness? You may have to break open the camping stove and get something delicious on the fire. You could bring supplies with you, but don’t forget that you’re out there to catch fish. There will be salmon that you could roast for yourself, or even trout depending on your tastes. Herbs and spices are a must, as are the right sides. Think carefully about the food that you want to bring with you on your trip. You need to be nourished; it can’t just be six-packs of beer.

Your fishing trip should be one that is fun, memorable and fruitful. You should ideally be able to come home with a basket full of fish that you have managed to catch all by yourself. Don’t waste your own time by missing the boat on the perfect fishing weather and the perfect conditions; you’ll only kick yourself later on for missing what would have been an amazing fishing weekend. Plan the fishing trip of your dreams with all the tips above and you won’t be able to find any reason to say no to heading out to the water.