If you want to join the Navy, you’re going to need to do some serious preparation. As incredible as joining the Navy is, it’s not for everybody, and in order for your application to be successful, you will need to pass a range of tests.

There is an intensive application process when it comes to getting any role in the Navy. Testing includes meeting a range of basic requirements and academic achievements and passing a series of physical fitness tests and a medical examination.

Failing just one aspect of the process can result in your Navy application being rejected. Not only is this disheartening, but it also means that you aren’t able to apply until at least six months later, in most cases.

Preparing for your Navy application and interview process is vital if you want to maximize your obtaining your dream role in the Navy. You will need to be physically fit, mentally tough, and knowledgeable about handgun shooting, large weapons, AMTAC suppressors, and other Navy machinery.

You might have already started preparing for your interviews and tests to join the Navy but want some extra guidance. In this article, we’ve got some top tips to help you prepare for the extensive and challenging Navy application process.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Prepare

The Navy application process is extensive and complex. It’s a long process that requires a lot of preparation to pass. To avoid feeling overwhelmed or failing some aspects of the application process, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

The amount of time needed to prepare for the physical and mental tests differs from person to person but, ideally, you should give yourself at least two months.

While it’s important to get your physical fitness levels up to a high standard, it’s important not to overdo your physical training in the weeks leading up to your physical tests. Doing so might negatively impact your performance on the day.

Follow a Training Program

Being part of the Navy is physically demanding. To check that you are healthy and fit enough to keep up with the ongoing demands of the Navy, the application process involves completing a range of physical tests.

Create a training program for the weeks leading up to your physical fitness tests. Your training program should include elements that reflect the tests themselves, such as running, swimming, and push ups.

The more you prepare your body and mind for the intense physical tests, you easier they will be on the day.

Get Your Diet in Check

Alongside a great exercise program, you will need to make sure you are eating the right foods to support your body through the intensive training. In particular, focus on consuming lots of protein to support muscle growth and repair, and make sure you are fuelling your muscles with complex carbohydrates.