Hunting has never been more fun. You can bask in nature’s beauty and at the same time feel that adrenaline rush through your veins upon seeing your target. However, hunting is not enjoyable at all when you lack the necessary hunting gear as it can lead you to serious danger.

Hunting equipment are expensive, but they can save you from any form of trouble. If you want to buy a complete set of  hunting gear without hurting your pocket, do these:

  1. Buy Wisely

If you want to have all the necessary hunting gear, you may as well spend much. Especially when it’s your first time to buy the essentials, you are most likely to overspend. So, before shopping, tame that excitement and do some research.

Also, you must familiarize yourself with what you need so you would know what to buy. You may even come across promo codes that only mean one thing – discounts. A lot of sites like offer promo codes you can use when you shop online. Afterwhich, you can now buy all essential hunting equipment from any of the following:

  • Consumer-Direct Companies – Instead of buying from retail stores,which add on extra fees of course, find direct-to-consumer companies so you can save big .
  • Facebook Groups – Not only is Facebook a place where you can make new friends, but you can find buy and sell groups there as well. If hunting essentials are what you’re looking for, you may stumble upon them at this site.
  • Garage Sales – If you’re lucky enough, you might even find garage sales on the Although they sell secondhand or used hunting gear, you might discover one that’s worth purchasing, and at a much  lower price at that.
  1. Make Your Own

Aside from buying your hunting gear, you can always DIY. You can improvise or recycle what you already have and turn it into something that works as good as a survival equipment. That being said, you can save a lot. Here are some of the things you can actually create:

  • Bean-Bag Rest – Use your old jeans and dried beans to make it. Cut and sew one leg of your jeans before filling it with dried beans.
  • Firestarter – Your jumper cables can start a fire when you smack them together. But, of course, you need to hook it up to your car’s battery to ignite a fire.
  • Face Paint – Instead of using a camo face net, you can use campfire charcoal or corks to paint camouflage on your face. When using a cork, singe one end and let it cool. Then, use the black residue to draw camouflage lines on your face.
  1. Ask From Loved Ones

Instead of spending too much on hunting gear that you might not want to deal with anymore after your first use, try borrowing from friends and family. Although firearms or rifles are off-limits, especially in some states, there are other hunting gear you can borrow. They might even give them to you for free. Especially when they’re retiring or are unable to go hunting, you can ask for the following items:

  • Rifle Scope – Although rifles may be off-limits due to licensing and registration issues, a rifle scope doesn’t need one. You can now focus on your target with utmost precision without spending too much..
  • Map – Even if it’s not that expensive, still, a map can save you a penny. Also, you can use it as a GPS backup.
  1. Store Your Hunting Gears Properly

After hunting season, you’ll end up setting aside your hunting gear. Piling them up in your attic or storage area is not enough. Without proper storage practices, you may shorten the lifespan of your hunting gear. As a result, you may need to buy new ones or spend a lot on repairs.

You need to do the following to keep your hunting gear at their finest shape even after storing them for long periods of time:

  • Use scent-eliminating detergent when washing your hunting clothes. Don’t store your clothes without properly cleaning them first. You can use separate clothes bags to organize your clothes before you stash them away.
  • Store your hunting accessories such as firearms, ammunition, optics, and the likes in a climate-controlled area. This way, you can prevent mold build-ups.
  • For footwear, you must also wash and dry them before storing. Then, use storage or plastic totes to keep rodents from living in them.


Going hunting is expensive, but having a complete hunting gear shouldn’t be. When buying, you must not settle for just one option. Explore until you find what fits your needs.  Save some money by following the recommendations above. Most importantly, taking great care of your equipment is also a must. There’s no use spending quite a sum on hunting gear if you’ll just recklessly store them.