Hoyt Recurve Hunting Bows 2019

Hoyt Archery was founded in 1931 and is a leader in archery engineering and innovation.  It was initially a partnership between Earl Hoyt, Sr. and Early Hoyt, Jr. in which they used reinforced plastics to produce bows.  In 1948, they produced the first overdraw bow, and introduced the first semi-anatomic grip on the market.  This anatomic grip has become one of the most popular features of the modern bow world- wide. In 1951, Hoyt used the deflex-reflex design in the production of their recurve bows, and in 1953, they developed the first short recurve hunting bow which was only 52 inches.

Hoyt Technology

hoyt hunting recurve bow reviewsThis company has been first to introduce many leading innovative concepts into the archery market.  When archery was reintroduced to the Olympics as a sport, the Hoyt Pro Medalist recurve bow won the gold medal in the male and female categories.  Hoyt even created a bow for Sylvester Stallone to use in the movie Rambo – First Blood, Part II.

  • Limbs

Technology plays an important part in the production of Hoyt bows.  They have a strict lamination process and rigorous testing standards which make their bows virtually bullet proof.  One of the complaints that people often make about bows is that the limbs break.  After hearing this, the people at Hoyt made sure to build their limbs rock solid, so that they could withstand 1,000 dry-fires. The XTS Pro Arc Limbs are contoured, pre-stressed and laminated with Hoyt’s proprietary 5-layer lamination process which uses Uniform Stress Distribution (USD).  This process gets rid of “hot spots” that are often a problem with lesser quality flat-glass and solid limb designs.

  • Dampening system

Another system that Hoyt uses is a limb dampening system called AirShox.  It eliminates vibration and noise when shooting.  AirShox are not attached to the limbs. This reduces weight on the limbs resulting in more energy.  ARC Limb Technology features high energy storage with recoil-free shooting. The beyond-parallel configuration improves speed and maintains reliability. This technology also eliminates vibration which creates a super smooth and extra quiet shot.  ARC Limb Technology also enhances dynamic cam alignment .

  • Riser

Hoyt’s new Offset Riser Structure which is on the top part of the riser and the widened tunnel on the bottom part greatly increases strength and stiffness of the riser.  Made of aluminum, it is designed to eliminate vibration. It also enables easy tuning, steady aim, and smooth shooting.  In addition, a Pro-Fit Custom Grip system gives the shooter four different grip options to select from, so that comfort is not an issue whether hunting or target shooting.

We have mentioned only a few of the technologies used with Hoyt bows.  There are a number of others which combine to make Hoyt bows the best on the market.

Recurve Hunting Bows by Hoyt

Hoyt considers archery as a way of life, and not just a hobby.  The employees strive to make the best bows in the world without compromise.  They are expert target archers and bowhunters who expect no less than the best from their equipment.  They have goals of tournament victories, record book bucks, and new bow designs, and they continue to be leaders in the archery industry.  Below are two of Hoyt’s traditional recurve bows.

Hoyt Gamemaster Recurve Bow Review

This recurve bow is versatile and high-performance, and co3mbines traditional archery and advanced technology, bridging that gap.  It has a super-slim TEC riser as well as an option for a sight.  The Gamemaster features custom wood core Hoyt recurve limbs and a stabilizer.  The riser length is 21 inches and brace height is 7-8 inches.  The bow length is 62 inches.  Mass weight is 2.9 pounds and draw weight is from 35 to 65.  Smooth, accurate, excellent feel, shootability, and speed are words that define the Gamemaster.  A compact carrying case makes it easy to transport this bow.

If you maintain your bow properly, it will provide you with years of good usage.  Be sure to use the proper arrow weight, as you can damage a bow by using an arrow that is too light.  Do not expose your bow to extreme weather conditions, and keep it stored properly when it is not in use.

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Hoyt Dorado Review

The Dorado is a classic traditional bow designed for the ultimate pursuits.  The limbs are custom wood core and the bow length is 60 inches.  Mass weight is 2.5 pounds, and draw weight is 35 to 65.  The length of the riser is 19 inches and brace height is 7-8 inches.  This bow also comes with a compact carrying case for easy portability.

You should always use a bowstringer when stringing or unstringing a recurve bow, otherwise you can be seriously injured. In addition, you should never draw or shoot a bow if the bow string is damaged.  It is not difficult to maintain this bow.  Use a light protective coat of oil on the limb bolts only occasionally.  Wood core limbs are more susceptible to moisture if the protective finish is damaged in any way.  You can use clear nail polish or automotive touch-up paint which will help re-seal the wood.

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