When you go for a hunting exercise, one of the pieces of equipment you put on your wrist is the hunting watch. Those who have experience here can attest that a hunting watch is more than just a watch. Instances, where you misplace your phone during hunting can be challenging, but there are no worries with your hunting watch.

Hunting watches are now more sophisticated and come with specific designs that are helpful in your hunting endeavors. However, it becomes frustrating when you don’t know how to pick hunting watches to solve your hunting needs. Here is the insight into the factors that will help you choose the best hunting watches (for more information check quickhunting).

Hunting Watches: How to Pick the Right One for Yourself

For you to pick the best hunting watches, you need to consider some aspects. Hunting watches have flooded the market recently and not all of them can serve your needs. However, if you know your specific hunting needs and goals, you can check out the following aspects. They will assist you to know how to pick hunting watches.

Weather Alerts

Hunting enthusiasts can confirm that the most boring experience is getting yourself in some rough weather conditions when hunting. Ensure your best hunting watch comes with the weather alerts feature. The digital altimeter gathers information about whether other more sophisticated watches can obtain the same from online weather sources.

ABC / Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. 

Besides timekeeping, it must incorporate the ABC in its features for a watch to be specifically for hunting. Every feature performs its unique duty during hunting as follows.


An altimeter is responsible for making you aware of the area you are traversing at a particular time. It can help you locate the position you are in and also show you whether you are on the right track or not.


 A barometer in your hunting watch can help you know the pressure of the air you are operating within. They allow you to predict weather changes and easily decide the right gear to carry at that particular time. Ensure this feature is in your watch before you buy.


 While moving around in the wilderness, you can be confused about the direction that you are heading. You need a compass because it can allow you to easily read the maps and move from one place to another. A hunting watch should not miss this feature unless you are willing to get lost in a forest.

Watch Glass

What determines the purpose of your watch is the watch glass that your watch is made of. Watch glasses are available in various types. They consist of the sapphire crystal, mineral crystal, and Acrylic crystal. 

You will choose from each type depending on what functions you want to use your watch. When your budget is low, you want glass watches that can still render the best services and pick acrylic crystal. However, apart from being cheap, these watch glasses get scratches quickly, but they come with low priced watches.

In hunting cases, the best watch glass is the mineral crystal. Hunters prefer this type of glass because it is not prone to scratches, and also, its durability is quite appealing. On the other hand, the Sapphire crystal watch glasses are the most expensive of them.


Another important factor that will guide you on how to pick hunting watches is their straps. You will get it right when you only select the desired type of strap. Straps come in various forms in the market. They include; leather, nato straps, stainless steel, silicone, and polyurethane.

Ensure you assess the terrain that you will hunt to help you pick the one that will satisfy your needs. However, experts recommend the stainless-steel strap for hunting watches due to their durability and weight.

Moreover, a silicon strap is an option for those hunters that don’t intend to carry heavy loads in their wrists. Most tactical watches incorporate silicon straps because they are also durable and lightweight at the same time.

Power type

There are different ways that a watch is powered to keep running. You should be aware that, unlike the automatic moving watches that use winding to operate, the hunting watches are different. They have other important features because they offer other related services from just keeping time. 

You need to understand that a hunting watch requires extra energy to sustain the extended features. Manufacturers design them with batteries inside to store enough power.

Consequently, as technology runs riot in the world, hunting watches are not left behind. They now come with solar charging capabilities; you only need direct solar energy to recharge them.


 Technological inventions have given rise to the Global Positioning System. Once installed in your watch, it ensures you are always safe because your destination is easy to track. 

GNSS/GPS signal signals reach your hunting watch from four visible satellites. One notable drawback is that GPS signals sometimes fail when you get under many trees hence reducing the navigational accuracy. They can even stop working altogether.


 Ensure the hunting watch that you pick is water-resistant. Don’t just believe in what manufacturers claim, because most of them label them as water-resistant when they are not. Some of them can only prevent a few splashes from reaching your watch contents. You need to be keen and pick your watch from reputable brands. 


 A hunting watch should be rugged. You are probably going to hunt in the wilderness full of bushes and trees. Without a reliable watch, you will probably get distracted. If your watch breaks or scratches easily in the middle of hunting. When you shop for your hunting watches, choose that which is specially designed for heavy outdoor use.


 This article has equipped you with the aspects to look into to get the best hunting watches in the market. You should first ascertain your hunting needs and goals, getting to how to pick hunting watches. Therefore, a good hunting watch should fulfil your personal needs and include all the aspects above.