Many consider the AR-15 America’s most popular rifle, and there are many reasons why it has gained so much popularity. This semiautomatic rifle is a fine tool that enables you to reach a distant target with a single precise shot. The form and functions make the ARF-15 a good sporting rifle. For many hunters, it is the gun of choice. However, like any other tool, an AR-15 cannot reach its goal without the skill and expertise of the person using it. 

If you are hunting with an AR-15, read on to discover how to improve your aim. 

Get a Brass Deflector 

A powerful way to take your aim to the next level is to get the best AR-15 brass deflector you can afford. A brass deflector can substantially improve your shooting experience in various scenarios, and it is a critical tool if you’re looking for long-range precision. Moreover, a brass deflector can also help left-handed hunters improve their shooting precision. The benefits of using a brass deflector are numerous. 

Customize Your AR-15 According to Your Goals 

A significant benefit of hunting with an AR-15 is that you can customize almost every component of your weapon. Thus, you can optimize the modularity to ensure it complements your hunting style and helps you get the most out of your gun. 

To improve your aim while hunting with an AR-15, determine what type of prey you want to focus on. Then choose a barrel according to this detail. For example, if you’re after fast and small animals, you need a small barrel because it’s light and easy to carry. If you’re after larger game like deer, you will need a longer barrel, which will increase your accuracy. Plus, a long barrel has more penetrating power. 

An AR-15 can help you get incredibly accurate shots. However, accuracy depends not just on skills but also on hardware. When customizing your hunting rifle, make sure the components you choose support exceptional accuracy. Consider getting a free-floating handguard, a trigger with enough pull weight, a good laser sight or a red dot magnifier. These tools will help you improve your aim and take down every animal you’re after. 

Build Muscle Memory with Practice 

Once your AR-15 is perfectly customized for hunting, the only way to further improve your shooting accuracy is to practice as much as possible. Constant practice allows you to build muscle memory and significantly shorten your reaction time. The value of practice cannot be overestimated. 

Although some hunters have an instinct for shooting, others need to work on getting a good aim. Practice trains your muscle memory, enabling you to refine your shooting instinct. If you practice inconsistently, you may not notice significant improvement from one session to another. Consider going to the shooting range regularly. Practice on moving targets. 

AR-15 is a popular hunting rifle. However, to get the most out of your shooting experience, you will have to customize the gun according to your goals. Use the tips above to become the best hunter you can be.