The people of Indiana have a right to bear arms according to the Indian State Constitution.

With the purpose of defending themselves and their state, the people have a right to bear arms.

IC Art 1, § 32

Chapter 5 of Article 47, entitled “Prohibited Instruments of Violence” states the laws for knives and weapons in Indiana.

Forbidden Items:
The manufacture, possession, display, offering, selling, giving away and purchasing of a ballistic knife is a violation. IC § 35-47-5-2. Regarding a “Chinese throwing star”, that being a knife-like weapon which has blades pointed in various angles, it is also a violation to manufacture, import, give away, sell, possess or lend such an item. IC § 35-47-5-12. In July 2013 a considerable improvement in the law regarding knives in Indiana came into effect.

Notes On Sale/Transfer:
It is a violation to sell or transfer deadly weapons to an intoxicated person or to a minor. § 35-47-2-7 and § 35-47-4-1.

Notes On Concealment/Carrying:
Limitations do not exist for concealed carry or for open carry.

Notes On Schools:
One cannot possess a knife when on school property. § 35-47-5-2.5.

Notes On Licensed Carry:
No. Handguns and firearms are the only items for which this applies.

Statewide Preemption:
None, hence not applicable.

Critical Dimensions:
None, hence not applicable.

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