According to Iowa Constitutional State law, the different items defined as ‘offensive’ weapons are prohibited for use. The only knife item identified within this category is any type of ‘ballistic knife’. I.C.A. S. 724.1(5). It is a criminal offense to possess an offensive weapon; however, more acceptable items are defined as ‘dangerous weapons’ as noted in Iowa knife legislation. I.C.A. S. 724.3.

The ‘dangerous weapon’ can be defined as any device or instrument designed for use to inflict death on a human being or animal and/or inflicting death on a human being when utilized in the manner for which it was specifically created. The ‘dangerous weapon’ can include but is not limited to, all offensive weapons (as defined in statutory legislation), pistols, revolvers, other firearms, stilettos, switchblade knives, and knives with blades above the five inches.

I.C.A. S. 702.7.

All items identified as dangerous weapons cannot be carried in a concealed way with exceptions according to state law.

1. An individual who has dangerous arms hidden on the person and/or, as an individual, remains within the limits of the specific city, is armed with a revolver or pistol, carries a loaded firearm concealed or not concealed, commits an aggravated misdemeanor, and/or carries or transports the weapon knowingly in a vehicle.

2. The individual that carries a dangerous weapon on their person commits an illegal act if the knife is used in the commission of a crime or commits an aggravated misdemeanor using the knife.

3. The individual carries and conceals the knife on the person and does not utilize the weapon in any commission of criminal activity.

a. If the knife presents with a blade that exceeds eight inches in length and the individual commits an aggravated misdemeanor.

b. The knife presents with a blade exceeding the length of five inches but not eight inches and the person commits a life-threatening assault.

4. Sections 1 to 3 do not apply to the following items:

a. An individual who carries a dangerous weapon within the personal dwelling, place of business, or personal land possessed and owned by the individual.

I.C.A. S. 724.4.

Licensed Carrying:
The individual must hold a permit to carry dangerous weapons as a defense to violation terms indicated on S. 724.4 of Iowa state legislation.

Educational Facilities/Schools:
All schools/educational facilities are identified as weapon-free zones and knives must not be carried. I.C.A. S 724.4A.

Critical Dimensions:
A ‘dangerous weapon’ is considered to be any knife with a blade exceeding five inches in length.

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