The State Constitution of Kansas is very clear in the preservation of an individual’s right to both bear and keep arms for the sake of self-defense, recreational enjoyment, and legal hunting.

People have the right to bear and keep arms to defend themselves, their loved ones, their homes, and their state. They can also have them for legal hunting and recreational enjoyment. On the other hand, there is a restriction on standing armies, which are not considered safe for liberty in times of peace. A civilian populace should not tolerate a standing army on its soil and any military units need to be obedient to civilian power.

At the time of writing, no knives are legally forbidden within Kansas borders. There was previously a prohibition on automatic knives, but that was lifted in July of 2013.

Kansas is also devoid of sale restrictions on knives. There is, however, a prohibition towards throwing stars, be it manufacturing, selling or buying them, or owning them. In a legal sense, throwing stars are any instrument free of handles that comprise of metal plating and having more than two radiation points or sharp edges designed as a throwing weapon in geometric shapes such as but not limited to polygons, crosses, diamonds, stars, trefoils, etc.

Concealment of knives is not a noted issue in Kansas law currently, nor are there specifics regarding critical dimensions. There is a statewide preemption regarding laws about both knives and the components that make them; local municipalities may not overrule state legislation on such matters.

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