More and more people all over the world start engaging in different watersports. They seem extreme and interesting, fun, and gripping. And kayaking is not an exception. 

If you are a real fan, you may already know that when the season is on, and your friends are calling you to have some awesome kayaking experience, it is impossible to say no!

Yuppies take sick leaves at work, students delegate their papers to, and they all go embrace the favorite activity!

So, what attracts people so much? What is it about kayaking, and how does it work?

Let’s get to know!

What Is Kayaking?

It is a water sport which includes paddling on a special boat – kayak. Each boat is equipped with a double-bladed oar and has an enclosed deck that “hides” legs. Mostly, the boats are single-seated, but there are the ones for two or even three people. 

There are many types of kayaking out there. They vary depending on complexity, a type of the boat, water reservoir, and a level of danger. As a watersport, it holds a range of national and international competitions and racings. Moreover, it became a part of the Olympic games in 1936. 

Apart from that, the activity is a well-known and popular way of having rest and fun. 

Recreational kayaking is a fascinating activity for active people. They can exercise, have fun, and enjoy breathtaking views all at the same time. 

Another type – surf one – is a wonderful opportunity to try a new way of surfing. And the whitewater kayaking option is for those who enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Kayaking in the USA

The watersport has become a trend among US residents. People like it for many different reasons, and let us name just a few for you:

A Mix of Relaxation and Physical Activity

This watersport is an incredible opportunity to combine leisure and exercising. You can have some fake fight with nature, using your strength and skills. 

At the same time, it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy harmony, have fun while on an adventurous journey. Many young Americans are more than eager to lead an active lifestyle, so this is a perfect option!

Communication and Having Fun

Whether you enjoy a competitive type or a recreational one – kayaking sessions serve as a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. 

Everyone knows that such types of physical exercise bring those engaged in them together and make it easier to communicate.

Besides, it is quite popular to do paddlesport with a family for the same reason for spending time together.


People can enjoy kayaking being experienced professionals or beginners, young or old. There are many opportunities to choose a school or course, coach, equipment, and place. 

Variety of Types 

This fact attracts many US athletes. They can try river racing, slalom racing, freestyle, or extreme kayaking, among other types.

There is even kayak polo for team players.

An Amazing Journey

Another awesome opportunity for sportsmen is to choose a place where they want to try paddling. Luckily, the USA is full of stunning places for doing it. 

And in fact, lots of them continue to emerge on the paddling map of the country. As a piece of evidence, Matador Network made a list of top 10 unique destinations for kayaking in the USA;

Available All Year Round

Kayaking cannot be called a one-season sport. You don’t have to wait till summer or winter, specifically to enjoy it to the greatest possible extent. 

Great Training

Coaches claim that kayaking is a mix of useful exercises for a body. It is a combination of cardio workout and strength training for many parts of the body and enhances calorie expenditure

Beyond that, it offers a great opportunity to train speed of movements and enhance one’s endurance. 

Stress Relief

Any physical activity is a good way to relax and get rid of stress, so is this one. 

Calm paddling surrounded with beautiful scenery helps one settle down, meditate, and feel peaceful while extreme paddling through mountain stream helps to let out negative emotions.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, kayaking is one of the most modern water sports in the USA. There are plenty of advantages for representatives of different generations.

More and more athletes start taking an interest in this paddlesport, and some show fantastic achievements. General statistics show that the number of those who engage in kayaking of different types in the USA is growing dramatically. And the activity keeps gaining momentum. 

If you are a modern and active person – then you must try it if you still have not. Be sure that you will not regret this decision. 

Hopefully, this article was helpful in discovering the benefits of kayaking. So, are you ready to join the local team?