Just like countless others, you might have wondered how you would fare in a zombie apocalypse. In the show The Walking Dead, knives are a great weapon of choice against the dreaded walkers. They aren’t loud the way guns are, so they won’t attract hordes of flesh-eating monsters. They also don’t need ammunition, just a sharpening implement. The only drawback to the use of knives in The Walking Dead is that you’d need to get uncomfortably close to a walker, though we’ve seen that with a steady hand and a clear head, you can safely cut through a horde of walkers with just a knife.

A lot of high-quality knives have been featured in the show. Though we won’t need to use these knives in a zombie apocalypse anytime soon (hopefully), they can still come in handy for a variety of tasks and activities.

Gerber DMF Folder

This is arguably Rick Grimes’s favorite knife. In season 2 of the show, he uses this knife to pierce his finger and draw just enough blood to attract a walker wandering around on the other side of a fence. When the walker comes near enough, Rick stabs it through the eye with his trusty Gerber DMF Folder.

Busse Team Gemini
Daryl Dixon is the show’s resident survivalist, so anyone taking notes on how to survive a zombie apocalypse should pay attention to Daryl’s gear. His go-to knife is useful, straightforward, and no-nonsense—much like Daryl himself. Daryl has been able to take down a lot of walkers in close range as well as survive in the wilderness with the reliable Busse Team Gemini.

Gerber Gator Machete Pro

The only way to take out a walker is to aim for its head—a task for which Glenn Rhee is suited for with his trusted multi-purpose knife. It can be used like a knife, an ax, or a machete, which is great for all the different kinds of missions Glenn goes on. It is lightweight but lethal, which means it does not require much physical strength from the user to be effective. More details on Gerber Gator on Amazon.

Gerber Epic

Carl Grimes has been sporting this knife since he was deemed old enough to be ready. Though this isn’t the ideal knife for a seasoned zombie killer, it works well for Carl, who didn’t see much zombie combat in the earlier seasons. The knife is serrated and has a blunt tip. Though unsuitable for fighting walkers off, it is definitely useful in camping and basic but essential outdoor activities. More details on Gerber Epic on Amazon.

Honorable Mention: Michonne’s Katana

Though technically a sword and not a knife, Michonne’s katana deserves at least an honorable mention when talking about weapons used in The Walking Dead. The much longer katana enables Michonne to stay a safer distance away from the walkers she’s killing, though it has other uses as well. It has been used in amputating walker-bitten limbs to stop the infection from spreading. This awe-inspiring and impressive katana has certainly done well in keeping our favorite characters alive. More details on Michonne’s Katana on Amazon.