if you own a jacket from the North Face, no way you’ll not take the proper measurements to keep up with its maintenance needs. And one serious matter about that would be washing the jacket while making sure it does not face any damage. The price tag of a North Face jacket isn’t very easy on your pocket. 

So of course, causing even slightest harm to your jacket is the last thing you’ll want to experience. By the way, if you are suddenly feeling curious about why is the North Face this expensive, then don’t forget to check at OutdoorTag.Com and learn reason behind it.

Now, about the washing process. Today, let’s talk about how you should wash your north face jacket no matter what type and avoid making any err that can cause harm to its condition. Keep on Reading…

Consider These Tips to Wash North Face Jacket at Home.

To start with the most careful steps, you first and foremost want to consider a few things before jumping into whole process of washing. North Face jackets are not your regular clothing pieces that can come out a bit dull after a wash. Because you definitely did not pay that high price to get the jacket to seem worn-out after just one wash.

  • Make sure you start by reading the care instructions before washing as well as drying jacket yourself.
  • Find out what is key material of the jacket you own before washing it. Depending on the material, you would decide water temperature. This also matters to determine what washing technique you should proceed with.
  • Don’t use a detergent or cleaning agent that is too harsh. Go for the less strong options and keep process mild and cautious.

Washing North Face Jackets with DWR Finish (Waterproofed).

The waterproof jackets of the North face brand are usually Dry Vent 2 or Gore-Tex. Now in both cases, there’s actually not much to worry about as these come with waterproof features. There should be a durable water repellant finish with the jackets, in short, DWR coating. And this basically reactive as soon as it gets into the dryer or washer.

Start by closing all the fasteners of your rain jacket. You have to make sure the zippers are well zipped. And also, the cuff in Velcro must be fastened well.

You need to get a liquid detergent that is of course mild enough. Don’t even think about using powder detergent or fabric softeners. Because the technical garment can suffer badly with such cleaning agents. The same goes for using bleach. Pour a very tiny amount of liquid detergent over the jacket.

You want to wash the jacket inside washing machine next on a low spin. Go for the double rinse cycle. For drying, go for the tumble drying on a low setup for safest outcome. You can even try drying on the line instead of a dryer. Using iron is also fine. The drying process will make sure DWR finish restarts to make your jacket effective for keeping you safe and dry during rains.

However, if due to some sort of rough handling, the coating seems to not work anymore, you should go for reapplication of the water repellant treatment. And your jacket will be waterproof once again.

Washing North Face Fleece Jackets.

The jackets from North Face that are made with fleece are also pretty simple to wash. You just need to ensure the instructions provided for temperature in written tag are followed exactly. Here there’s no waterproofing to worry about. However, fleece jackets are still known for being extremely durable and last a very good period of time if you take fine care of them.

The fact that high pile of fleece has a tendency to hold smell a bit more than other types makes it very essential to heavily wash. And the material can take the heavy washing session for the most part. You can regularly wash it and there should be no problem. Just make sure to flip it inside out before the wash. And this way the fleece won’t pile up even after going through lots of wash.

Here too you need to ensure the zippers are properly zipped up. The same goes for securing Velcro fasteners.

As soon as the jacket fleece is inside out, it’s ready to go into the washer. You should use a mild detergent or soap here as well. Because of the technical making, it’s best to play things safe and go for mild options.

The washing machine setting must be gentle, and cold temperature is the way to go for fleece. Because in high temperature, fleece is prone to get damaged. Also, you must go for line drying with fleece jackets. Any sort of direct heat such as irons or dryers is highly prohibited with fleece jackets from North Face.

Washing North Face Down Jackets

And here comes the part where things become a bit difficult. Down is probably the one you want to be most careful with when washing. It’s a fabulous material that keeps you warm and also is lightweight to feel comfortable when wearing. Not to mention the wonderful compressibility. For cold weather, it is the absolute best one to go for.

But the trouble begins when the material gets wet. It does not insulate in wet conditions. And so, if you mistreat it while washing, the feathers can lose ability to trap heat and that part is enough to make jacket unusable.

And this is why it’s highly recommended that you take down jacket to a specialist who can handle the material with utmost care. There are many dry cleaners who can do the thing for you. However, if you still insist to try things for yourself, go ahead with something like this.

Make sure you use a down-specific detergent. Or at least something that’s super mild and pure soap. The natural oils present in such special cleaners will help in keeping intact down feathers. Next, you want to ensure the washing machine is super clean. Use a rinsing cycle to clean the washer and then put jacket inside with a warm, delicate cycle. It should be on the lowest spin setting.

Once down gets wet, the feature is likely to clump together. And you need to make sure that the clumps break down. That is why the lowest spin setting works best as it will keep those clumping chances low.

Finally, the real challenge, drying down jacket. Fluff the down filling as much as possible. And then you can put it inside the dryer with tumble dry on a low setting. Don’t forget to put inside two tennis balls. The balls will work to break up down and bring back fluffiness as it gets dry.

You should check every 20 minutes. Shake the jacket a bit and try breaking up clumps. Keep on going with the 20 minutes drying sessions. And once the clean jacket is dry enough, you can then fold it and put inside your closet.

Wrap Up

And there you have it, three different type of north face jackets’ washing methods covered. Now you can go ahead and wash the north face jacket of yours without fearing a single thing. Even if the thing is pretty costly, it does not mean you have to go through a very rough or tough session for washing it up. 

Just make sure you keep in mind a few things to not mess up the making or cause any sort of harm to longevity factor of this incredibly popular jacket from one of the solid reputation outdoor brands out there. And everything else should automatically fall into place, best of luck!