A snake knot is a great and popular pattern, producing an almost round, rope-like length that can secure your knife well. This lanyard can help you immensely when you’re camping, hiking, or doing other outdoor activities. It is also very easy to learn to make, versatile, and sturdy.

Materials and Supplies

The lanyard is made with two lengths of paracord that come in different colors. If you want your lanyard to be in a single color, that’s perfectly acceptable too. You’ll just need one length of paracord in the color of your choice. The length of the paracord you’ll be using depends on how long you want your lanyard to be.

The tools you’ll be using are a lighter, a pair of scissors, and a measuring tape. You also have your choice of attachments. You can choose snap hooks, key rings, or the like, but you can also create a loop at the end of the lanyard for your knife.

How to begin

If you’re using two colors, take one paracord and hollow out about half an inch at one end of the cord. You can pull out the inner strands or cut them off with scissors. After this, insert one end of the other paracord into the hollow. To secure this attachment, you can melt it using a lighter.

To begin the knots, you can make a simple overhand knot at the point where you want the snake knots to begin. Another way is to find the midpoint of the paracord and thread it through the attachment you’re using.

Making the snake knot

Make a loop with the paracord on the left. Make sure that the loop is above the other paracord. The paracord’s loop should circle up near the knot or attachment. Take the paracord on the right and thread it through the loop you just made, bring it over to the left and underneath the paracord on the left. Loop it over the paracord on the left then thread it through the first loop you made. Pull tightly and make sure that you bring the knot close to the attachment or the overhand knot.

After this, the pattern begins. Loosen the cord on the right of the knot you just made, creating a looped space. Take the other paracord that goes through the loosened space, and pull it over then through the loose space. Pull it tightly. Flip the paracord over and do the same thing. Remember to flip the paracord every time you make a new knot. Ten knots should be fine.

Attaching the lanyard to your knife

There are different numbers of ways to attach your knife to the lanyard. You can use an attachment, or you can create a loop and the end of the series of snake knots. This can be done by threading the longer paracord through the inside of the knots and looping it around a hole in your knife’s handle.

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