There’s nothing better than setting off for a weekend of camping. You’re able to wave goodbye to civilization for a little while and get in touch with your more primal self, and just all-around enjoy all the pleasures of spending time in nature. However, while there’s much to love, it’s not as if every aspect of camping is fun. Indeed, there can be challenges — that’s part of what draws people in in the first place. While a little bit of discomfort can be expected, if you’re overburdened with challenges, then you won’t enjoy the trip as much as you could. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the more common camping complaints, and offer advice on how you can overcome them. 

Complicated Setup

It can be really fun to pick a spot for your tent, and then set up base. Or at least, it should be fun. Some people end up spending far too long trying to get their tent set up. While it’s sometimes tempting to invest in the best and most advanced tent around, it’s best to buy an easy to set up tent, especially if you’re a beginner. You’ll be thankful in the long run, especially if you have to set up in less than perfect conditions, such as rain. Nobody wants to be messing around with poles when there’s stormy weather. 

Too Hot, Too Cold

You’re free from the elements when you’re at home. If it’s cold, then you can turn up your heating, and be comfortable in no time at all. If you’re too hot, then it’s A/C all the way. When you leave the comfort of your property and move into nature for a few days, then you’ll have to play by nature’s rules. In order to enjoy your camping experience to the fullest, it’s important that you’re well-prepared for the temperature. If you know it’s going to be a hot weekend, then try to find a campsite at a higher elevation, where the air is cooler. If it’s going to be chilly, then it’s all about layers — remember: there’s no such thing as cold weather, only inappropriate clothing! 

Bugs and Wildlife

When you take a trip into nature, you have to accept that you’re entering an arena that is not entirely yours. It belongs to many other creatures, too. While the vast majority of creatures won’t do you any harm at all, there are some that can disrupt your trip. Take mosquitos, for example. If you visit a spot with a lot of mosquitos, then you’ll find it extremely difficult to enjoy your trip. There are a few things you can to prevent this from happening, however. The first thing is to camp during a time when there aren’t too many around (they’re most active on humid summer days). You should also invest in high-quality anti-mosquito repellent. They don’t all work, but there are some good ones available to purchase that’ll work reasonably well.  

Picture Perfect View

People don’t go camping just so that they can stare at the walls of their tent. They go because it allows them to enjoy all that’s magical about nature, such as the spectacular views that it provides. But this won’t always happen automatically. You’ll need to make it happen. It begins with your tent selection. There are plenty of modern tents that offer “window views” without letting bugs into your tent. From there, you’ll want to choose a good pitch — if you’re visiting a popular spot, arrive early to get your preferred space. If you wear glasses, then be sure to look into anti-fog treatment for non-reflective lenses. You don’t want your view to be ruined just because your glasses are steaming up! 

Feeling Alert and Refreshed

Some people enjoy camping because it allows them to go a few days without showering and so forth. But for other people, that’s a bit frustrating. They need to freshen up a little each morning before they can really begin to enjoy the day. There are some campsites that offer showers and a relatively high level of amenities, but they’re the exception, not the rule. In any case most people only want to freshen up a little, rather than live in comfort. It’s a good idea to pack body wet wipes with you, which you can use to quickly clean yourself. If you have the option, camp near a body of water. There’s nothing better for refreshing yourself than diving into a cool body of water!