In Michigan switchblades are more commonly called pocket knives that open with the use of a mechanical device, these are prohibited in that state. The pocket knife which opens with a mechanical device, sale or possession which is unlawful, individuals exempted.

Those who sell or offer to sell, or anyone who owns a knife that has the same appearance as a blade of blades, pocket knife or any blade that can be opened with a mere flick of a button, pressure placed on a handle or any kind of mechanical contrivance will be charged with a misdemeanor, this can lead to imprisonment in the county jail for not more than a year, a fine that does not exceed $30,000 or both of the above mentioned.

The provisions explained in this section are not applicable to any one-armed individual who in connection with his living requirements, carries a knife.

§ 750.226a

This implies that a pocket knife that is not opened with the use of a mechanical device is not illegal.

The “bias toward closure” language is not incorporated in the Michigan Switchblade Law, as it is found in the Federal Switchblade Act as well as various other laws in various states. That being said, under Michigan law, “assisted opening knives could be considered to be pocket knives which are opened with a mechanical device, they are therefore prohibited. Legislation to correct this matter, as well as other inherent issues with the Michigan Knife Law, are being supported by the AKTI.

Concealment: It is against the law to carry fixed blade knives in a concealed manner or in a vehicle, there are very few and limited exceptions.

A dirk, double-edged, dagger, stiletto stabbing instrument that is nonfolding and of any length as well as any other weapon that is dangerous, the exception is a hunting knife that is carried and adopted as such. About or concealed on his or her person, whether it be concealed or not in any vehicle which is occupied or operated by a person, only in his or her home, place of business or on any land which is owned by the individual.
If this section is violated by an individual, they will be guilty of a felony, the punishment could be imprisonment for no more than five years or a fine which does not exceed $2,500.00.

§ 750.227

This restriction is significant if violated it is considered a felony. The exception made for hunting knives is limited to only hunting by the words “carried and adopted as such.” In Michigan, you should be very careful about possessing or carrying a fixed blade knife. A “person with unlawful intent” may not openly carry or conceal knives or any other “dangerous weapons”.

Carrying a Dangerous Weapon or Firearm With Unlawful Intent — Anyone who is intending to use the above mentioned in an unlawful manner against a person and is armed with a pistol, any form of firearm, dirk, stiletto, dagger, knife, razor etc. with a blade hat is over three inches long as well as any other weapon or instrument which is deadly, will be found guilty of a felony. This is punishable by imprisonment in a state prison for not more than five years or by a fine that will not exceed the amount to $2,500.00.

§ 750.226

It is unfortunate that people who are law-abiding citizens and do not have any criminal intent are treated in the same manner.

Schools: In Michigan, school is weapon free zones.

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