In Minnesota what is forbidden is:

Switchblade or automatic knives are completely prohibited in the State of Minnesota. Manufacturing, transferring or possessing a switchblade knife is a crime. In the Minnesota statute, the “bias toward closure! Language is not incorporated.

Subdivision One: Gross-Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Crimes

Those who do any of the following are guilty of the crime and may face sentencing as explained in paragraph (b):
Transfers, manufacturer or possess a switchblade knife that opens automatically or metal knuckles. 609.66

Concealment: In Minnesota, this is not an issue, there are not any knives that can be carried openly and yet concealed or vice versa. According to Minnesota law, the intent to use the knife illegally is where the criminality lies.

Critical Dimensions: None

Schools: All are weapons free zones. Knives should not be carried around on school grounds. If the school’s grounds prohibition is violated, it could result in a felony which means maximum imprisonment of five years as well as a $10,000.00 fine.

Statewide Preemption: None

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