Over the last several decades, mountain biking has changed dramatically. It started with moving away from the paved road to single-track courses in the woods. Now there are entire parks dedicated to mountain biking with several courses from novices to the very advanced. Regardless of where on the scope of skill you are, mountain biking is an adventurous sport. It takes the adage of, “it’s just like riding a bike,” and turns it on its head. Mountain biking requires agility, quick decision-making abilities, stamina, and some luck. However, if you take these three mountain biking survival skills to heart, you will be on the right track.

  • Wear Protective Gear

When it comes to mountain biking, having a helmet isn’t enough. With the rough terrain and fast courses of today, you need to prepare with protection for more than your head. It is recommended to have elbow, knee, and wrist guards. Also, a preferred helmet of most that ride a lot is a full-face helmet. As falls and/or spills happen a lot while mountain biking, you want to protect your head, face, mouth, wrists, elbows, and knees. You may also want to decide for yourself if you prefer clip-in biking shoes or the freedom of regular athletic shoes. The field of mountain bikers is basically split down the middle on which is optimal. It really depends on your comfort level.

  • Know How to Do Basic Repair to Bike

Mountain biking puts more strain on your body and the bike. You will most likely encounter a flat or two. So, you better carry an extra tube as well as the tools to fix it. However, you will need to know how to do basic repair beyond the tires. The most common thing that mountain bikers find is that the chain comes off the derailleur. If you intend on riding often, you must know how to install a rear derailleur on a mountain bike.

  • Carry a Survival Kit

When you are mountain biking, it is very common that accidents will happen. Whether it is because of a collision, terrain, weather, or skill level, injuries happen. And, most of the time, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being prepared regardless of sport with good gear, GPS, and first aid kit is essential. That’s why putting together a survival kit is the best tip I can give you.

After a year of a lot of staying at home, mountain biking offers a safe way to enjoy the outdoors. You can experience Mother Nature while getting your workout in. However, to do it safely, please take these mountain biking survival tips to heart. Protect yourself with good gear. When mountain biking, that means more than a helmet. Always learn how to repair your bike in a pinch. You should know how to install a rear derailleur as well as a flat. And lastly, always carry a survival kit. It may save your life or the life of another rider. Now, go out and enjoy the ride.