Beginning with the section labeled as a statement of rights, including a paraphrase section on the declaration of independence this is what the Nebraska State Constitution begins with.

Independent and free by nature this characterizes all people, and eligible rights, inherent semi coming these are the factors of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, bear arms and protection of home family and others and defense, for recreational use, hunting and all other legal purposes, these rights will not be denied by any form of government. The power of government comes from the people, to ensure these freedoms, the people give consent to the government to apply and secure specific laws for protection.

In chapter 28, the Nebraska statutes called crimes and punishment this is where you will find the laws governing knives.

Forbidden and not allowed

All lives can be lawfully possessed in the state.


Certain knives cannot be concealed carry in Nebraska.

The office of carrying a concealed weapon occurs when a person has brass knuckles, a knife, a handgun are any other such weapon. Any person who carries a concealed weapon of this kind is guilty of this crime. While engaged in a lawful business, while conducting the duties of employment, while possessing such weapons on your personal property, person or in the defense of your family, such people are not guilty of the crime of concealed carry and they have an affirmative defense. For people who have a valid permit for concealed handgun permit, this does not apply to them and their other laws to govern their carry of concealed weaponry.

A knife is defined as the following for the purposes of this section of this article.

A blade over tree inches long, a knife, a stiletto, a dagger or a dark, also any tool that can stab, create tearing wounds, and that can inflict any type of cutting all are defined as a knife under these laws.

Apply to any ads or bladed weapon of 3 1/2 inches or longer any such weapons are not allowed under the law To be concealed carried. A dagger, accordingly dentistry inches long is not necessarily prohibited. Also, it must be recognized that a person who has a concealed handgun permit are not subject to these laws.

Critical dimensions

A knife can be concealed carry it if it is under three and 1/2 inches long.


It is vague under the Nebraska criminal statutes if knives are well regulated when it comes to school grounds. But there are laws such as chapter 79 Andy them brusque as statutes which allow school officials in school advisory boards to create punishment for students who bring knives and other weapons on school grounds. So typically it is up to these advisory boards to create various laws when it concerns knives and other ads weapons that can be used to harm other students on a school campus.

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