Under the law of North Carolina, Ballistic knives, as well as any spring-loaded projectile knives are prohibited. You are not allowed to possess, sell, give, loan, manufacture or transport any devices of this nature.

It is prohibited to possess and sell any spring-loaded projectile knives. § 14-269.6.

On and after the date of October 1, 1986, it will be illegal for anyone, this includes law enforcement officers of the State, or of any of the counties, cities or towns to possess, sell, hold for sale, offer for sale, loan, give, transport, deliver, manufacture or be armed with any kind of ballistic knife, spring-loaded projectile knife, or a weapon that is in any way similar. Unless for evidentiary, educational or training purposes, it may be lawful for a law enforcement agency to have such weapons in their possession.

Carrying in a Concealed Manner

There is an exception found in the concealed carry law for “an ordinary pocket knife”. What is specifically included is any dirk, bowie knife, dagger or razor, this by implication mean all knives with the exception of “ordinary” knives.

Carrying Weapons Which Are Concealed § 14-269

It is against the law for anyone to intentionally and willfully carry concealed on their person any dirk, slung shot, metallic knuckles, shuriken, bowie knife, dagger, loaded cane, razor, stun gun or any deadly weapon which is similar, the exception would be if the person is on their property.

(b1) The prosecution will use this as a defense under this section:

The weapon is not an actual firearm
The defendant was in the middle of, or on the way from or to, an activity that legitimately required the use of the weapon.
The defendant was in possession of the weapon for uses that are legitimate; and
The weapon was not used or attempted to be used by the defendant in an illegal manner. It is the defendant’s responsibility to provide this defense.

(d) The ordinary pocket knife being carried in a closed position does not apply in this section. In this section the “ordinary pocket knife” is used to signify a small knife which is designed to be carried in a purse or pocket, the point and cutting edge is completely covered by the handle, it cannot be opened by an explosive, throwing or spring action.

In essence, this statute implies weapons which are not firearms, it is, in fact, a defense that is affirmative and on the defendant to prove.

The weapon was in their possession for legitimate purposes;
A connection, albeit temporal between the defendant and that legitimate reason;
That the weapon was not used or attempted to be used in an illegal manner.

There is an issue with the third element being as “proof of a negative” is required. A viable option that is not restricted would be open carry.

Under-aged Individuals:

I)t is illegal to furnish or sell a “dirk” or a “bowie knife” to a minor. § 14-315. It is also illegal to encourage, cause or aid a minor with the possession of any kind of knife or instruments that are edged r sharp pointed on school grounds. 14-269.2 (e)


There may be no open or concealed possession of knives on school grounds. § 14-269.2 (d)

No critical dimensions noted.

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