If you’d like to contribute and submit an outdoors, hunting, archery, camping, fishing and related guest post for A Straight Arrow, please read this carefully before contacting us. We would like to collaborate with avid outdoorsmen and hunters who have a passionate expertise and have a desire to share it with our readers in an entertaining, accessible, and informative writing style.

As we receive a lot of emails, we may not be able to respond to all inquiries. To keep our load manageable we will have to automatically reject those submissions that don’t meet our requirements as listed below.

Outdoors Contributors Requirements:


  • Your guest post submission must be previously unpublished, 100% original, and written only by you. We do not respond to inquiries without identifying information so be sure to include your website or some other way that we can read about you and your work.
  • You agree not to publish this post elsewhere. Upon submission of your material, you are giving A Straight Arrow permission to be the exclusive publisher, to promote your guest post, to share it with our readers.

Word count

  • To provide our readers with the most value, we would only consider guest posts longer than 1,000 words.


  • Please carefully double-check for clarity, spelling, grammar.
  • Please don’t submit a wall of text – format your submissions clearly with sub-headers, bullet-points, numbers, small paragraphs etc as applicable.
  • If there are too many mistakes, formatting is off, or language is unclear or “fluffy”, we will have to reject your guest post submission.
  • We reserve the right to edit guest post submissions to meet our requirements.

References / Link Guidelines: 

  • All links within the guest post will be ‘do-follow’
  • If you quote or reference someone else’s work, full credit must be given. Where appropriate, you must have obtained permission for any materials or photos used. Please fact check, reference the original source and include links in the body of your post.
  • We reserve the right to reject SEO-driven articles with exact match anchor text or links to low-quality websites.
  • We reserve the right to include internal links to related posts published on A Straight Arrow.


  • Providing the following SEO and image support to help us promote your article:
    • Suggested keyword(s). Choose a highly searched word or word combination with the highest number of results in Google that best fits your post.
    • Proposed titles that include your keyword or phrase.
    • Image ideas. Try Canva, Flickr, Google Images, and other sites.
    • Meta Description that includes your keyword or a close synonym.

Submission process:

  • Before you start writing, email us to register your interest and propose 1-5 topics that you can write about. We will respond if we are intersted in any of the topics you propose and you can start your writing process.
  • Send your entry as a single Word file attachment to dan [at] astraightarrow [dot] net with the subject line: “[I followed Your Instructions] Guest Post Submission”. Include hyperlinks to support research, facts, quotes, or books and other resources. Attach your images as a separate attachment to the same email.
  • If your submission is accepted, you understand that your post will be edited and we will select an SEO-optimized title. We are unable to guarantee a specific publishing date.
  • Please include a short author bio that will appear at the top of approved posts.


  • You will not receive financial compensation.

Sponsored Posts:

  • If you are looking to place a sponsored blog (i.e., writing for the purpose of promoting a brand or product), please specify this upfront. We will require a small compensation that will go towards our  sites’s maintenance.

We also welcome your feedback and suggestions for outdoors topics and writers.