A backpack or a suitcase?

This might be the first question in your mind.

Of course, a backpack!

While you are out for hiking or trekking, carrying a bag in your back is pretty convenient than holding a huge suitcase in your hand. Moreover, you can even grab a premium quality backpack from the high-end stores like Nike at an affordable price. Just don’t forget to figure out the right discount from the websites like dealslands.co.uk and you are done!

Howbeit, when it comes to buying such an outdoor backpack, you should keep some specific things in your mind.

Read on to know.

  • Go for a proper size

Obviously, size is important while purchasing an outdoor backpack.

Do you think bigger is better?

Not at all! I will definitely not suggest you to buy a backpack with a volume of 80 or 90 litres. A bigger backpack doesn’t mean that it is a great one. Rather, it might be an obstacle in your path.

Won’t it be really tough to climb up the hills while carrying something so huge?

So, it is always good to choose the backpack smartly. For even the longest outdoor planning, you will not need a backpack bigger than 50 litres! All that you need to do is just pack well.

  • Choose the right frame

As your backpack might have to withstand a lot of extreme weather conditions down the trails, you should opt for one which is having a strong frame. A rigid backpack will be able to distribute the load’s weight uniformly. Thus, it will reduce the extent of fatigue in you. You can buy from a wide variety of such stout-framed outdoor backpacks available in Amazon. Above that, with a proper discount from the websites like myvouchercodes, you can save huge!

  • Check out the fit

It is quite necessary to ensure that your pack fits you well. If not so, the entire trip could be ruined. Although, most of the backpacks are adjustable nowadays, yet such a flexibility can still have flaws.

So, the best idea could be something that you can do by yourself. All that you need to do is take the measurement of your torso starting from the top of your shoulder to the top of your hip bones.

  • If your torso is not more than 15 inches, you need an extra small backpack.
  • If it is between 16 to 17 inches, you will need small backpacks.
  • The torso measuring between 18 to 19 inches needs a medium-sized pack.
  • When it’s longer than 20 inches, you need a large pack.
  • Opt for external storage capacity

Whatever might be the size and shape of your backpack, external clips, straps, and rings in your bag are something mandatory.

Why so?

Well, just think of the small yet significant things like sandals, water bottles, walking sticks etc.

What could be the best place to store them?

Of course, in the outer part of the pack.


It will let all such items to be absolutely handy. As you will need them at any point in time, it is good to store them with an ease of access.

So, these are the most basic factors that you should consider while buying a backpack for your next hiking or trekking episode.

What are you waiting for? Buy the right backpack for you now!