PSE Blackhawk Review – Recurve Bow

PSE Blackhaws review


  • Bow Lenght: 60″
  • Bow Weight:3.1 lbs
  • Draw Weight:45, 50 lbs
  • Takedown: No

PSE Blackhawk Review:

Precision Shooting Equipment Archery’s Blackhawk Recurve Bow is a one piece traditional bow and it’s suitable for beginners and those want to polish their archery skills. It delivers authentic performance in hunting activity for right hand archers. Hard laminated Maple and Walnut is used in construction and the limbs are covered in clear fiberglass to
protect the bow. Riser is large, beautiful, and durable and comes with a crowned shelf, perfect for instinctive shooting. The laminated hardwood of riser serves a great job of dispensing vibrations during the shot. The limbs are sound and excellent in performance.

Blackhawk is born to hunt and the bow at maximum draw weight of 50 pounds will work well to hunt game the size of elk and deer. Dacron B50 string can be used consistently for years and it is included with the bow package. Blackhawk comes without a sight or stabilizer, which again makes it a great chose for those who prefer instinctive shooting.


  • Blackhawk needs no assembling being one-piece construction.
  • Awesome structure and durable limbs make it a great hunting device.


  • Blackhawk is not a take-down bow and sight and stabilizer are not included in it.