PSE Brute X Review – Compound Bow

pse brute x review of compound bowKEY STATS:

  • Draw Weight: 60-70 lbs
  • Draw Length: 25″ – 30″
  • Let Off: 75%
  • Brace Height: 7.25″
  • Speed: 312-320 fps

PSE Brute X Review

In a marketplace filled with phenomenal compound bows, purchasing the right one can be an extremely daunting challenge, especially when considering the price tag which is often associated with a quality bow. One of the trendiest compound bows currently available on the market is the PSE Brute X Compound Bow. Not only is this bow extremely easy to use, but customers will not believe how smooth, efficient and fast this bow is for such a low price point. The PSE Brute X Compound Bow comes with the choice of 60 or 70 pounds draw weights and has a maximum arrow speed of 320 feet per second. The bow comes with a standard 7 ¼ inch brace height and a 29-inch draw setting, however, will easily adjust to fit anyone who has a draw length spanning from 25-30 inches. The PSE Brute X Compound Bow also comes complete with a remarkable shock-suppressing system and Vibracheck Backstop which makes the bow extremely comfortable to use and also drastically eliminates any noise. With tremendously easy to use tuning alignment marks, the PSE Brute X Compound Bow can be tuned with very little effort and can easily be altered for personal preference.

Overall, the Brute X bow is one of the best compound bows available on the market in its price range. The PSE Brute X Compound Bow can be found online for a very attractive price. The bow weighs in at only four pounds and five ounces and also comes with a standard Mossy Oak Break film dip camouflage covering.

What Other Customers Are Saying

One customer spoke extremely highly of the bow and claimed it is easily the best bow he has ever used – which is a bold statement considering he has been a hunter for over 15 years. The customer said he shoots great groups at lengths over 40 yards and says the bow is consistently accurate from any range. This particular customer also pointed out how extremely quiet, and yet fast, this bow is and urges anyone in the market for a new bow to consider the PSE Brute X. Overall, the bow is rated extremely highly.


  • Extremely affordable, especially consider how many features this bow has to offer the hunter
  • Very quiet release and draw back.
  • Remarkably quiet
  • Very well crafted and put together – durable
  • Consistently accurate


  • The packaging is flimsy – however, may not affect the bow itself
  • It does not come in a variety of color options
  • A few customers have complained about the cam being bent when taking the bow out of the box for the first time.

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