The law regarding the use of knives in Rhode Island can be found under Title 11 (Criminal Offenses), as well as some specifics relating to knives under Chapter 47 (Weapons). There is a list of weapons which are forbidden under the law of Rhode Island, but there are no knives that are included in the list of forbidden items.

Concealing knives:

It is not permitted for anyone to carry a knife that has a blade of longer than three inches, concealed upon their person. There are some specifically prescribed types of knife that may never be carried, regardless of the length of their blade.

It is not permitted to carry a dagger, crossbow, sword in a cane, dirk, bowie knife, stiletto or other similar weapons, with intent to use it unlawfully against a person.

It is not permitted to carry, concealed, any of the above blades, weapons, or a knife or razor where the blade is longer than three inches or any other type of weapon where from point to handle the blade is longer than three inches, concealed upon your person.

It is permissible to carry, unconcealed, a blade or knife – including a dirk, dagger, stiletto, or bowie knife, with a blade that is longer than three inches, assuming that there is no intent to use it unlawfully, and assuming that the knife is visible.

The size of Knife:

It is not permitted to transfer a knife with a blade of more than three inches to a minor or allow a minor to carry such a blade.

There is no statewide pre-emption. Schools are considered to be weapon-free zones.

Minors are not allowed to purchase a dagger, stiletto, dirk, bowie knife, or any knife with a blade that is longer than three inches, without written permission from their parent or guardian.

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