The shooting range is the place where people meet to safely set up and shoot their firearms. The shooting range will have one or two firing lines, or a group of several firing lines. Most ranges will have a “Range Master” or Officer who is in charge of coordinating Range Safety and ensures that all participants obey all Commands. Some ranges don’t have a Range Master, but it is IMPORTANT THAT WE PRACTICE RANGE SAFETY AT ALL TIMES!! At the range, Safety is the primary concern. (more about it here:

If you follow the instructions of the Range Master while you are at the range you can never go wrong. Here are a list of COMMANDS AND PROCEDURES you may encounter at the range:


#1. Watch where your muzzle is pointed at all times. Don’t point your firearm at anyone. Keep muzzle pointed up in the air or down range, have the action open when handling your firearm. Take the firearm in your case (with the muzzle-end pointed down-range) and un-case it at the bench.

#2. Obey the Range Master at All Times, he or she has the last say in any dispute. If you are at a range without a Range Master, then the group should appoint one to call the commands.

#3. CEASE FIRE! When you hear this command stop shooting. Unload your weapon, and open the action and step away from the shooting table. Usually there is a red or yellow safety line that all people stand behind. Once everyone is behind the safety line and all actions are inspected and found to be open by an Range Officer; then people are permitted to go down-range and put up new targets.
DO NOT TOUCH YOUR RIFLE, OR ANY OF YOUR EQUIPMENT ON THE TABLES ANY MORE UNTIL YOU AND EVERYONE SHOOTING ARE STANDING BEHIND THE SAFETY LINE AGAIN, AND HEAR COMMENCE FIRING. Range Officers DO NOT want you touching ANYTHING on the tables during a CEASE FIRE!(not even your closed and locked rifle case, just wait till you get the “ALL CLEAR” from them!!)

#4. IS EVERYONE READY!! This command is made by the Officer in charge after all shooters have returned to the safety of the firing line and all are standing behind the safety line.NOT READY !! should be shouted if anyone is seen down-range. Once everyone states they are ready, the firing line is about to be HOT.

#5. THE RANGE IS HOT OR COMMENCE FIRING: This means every one is accounted for and not down-range or in the line of fire. You may now approach the bench and resume shooting.

These commands are repeated throughout the day, and ensure the safety of all. If anyone on the firing line sees an unsafe situation they are to DECLARE A CEASE FIRE! All shooters should Obey the cease fire until the unsafe situation is handled by the Range Master.
Cooperation is expected of all shooters, and please REMEMBER, SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT!!

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