Camping is a great way to spend time in the outdoors with friends or family. For many people, it’s the best way to ‘get away from it all’ as it is a real change to your daily routine. 

Camping is not for everyone, however, as there are those that need their creature comforts! Having said that, the availability of very sophisticated camping equipment means you can enjoy the likes of a shower at your tent these days, so you’re not missing out on much!

The rise in popularity of camping has come about as many younger people with children realise that it is convenient and also surprisingly affordable. 

There are many beautiful campsites in stunning locations across the USA alone, and they are always heavily booked. If you’re reading this then it’s clear you’re in the market for a tent, but which one do you buy. More to the point, what size of tent is right for you?

Below we’ll cover a few of the factors to think about when choosing your tent, so let’s get started!

What Size Tent to Buy?

Remember that a tent, by its very nature, is designed to be compact. It needs to fold up to a small package so you can move it from place to place with ease, and when erected it will take up as little ground space as possible. 

Inside, it will accommodate the number of people claimed – but believe us when we say if you have four adults in a four-person tent there will be little to no room left! This is one reason you might want to think about buying a 6 person tent if you are a family of two adults and two children, or if you intend a group of four adults to go camping. 

The extra space will be appreciated and noticed and may give you an area in which you can store items that would normally have to be left outside or in the car. 

For two people, we recommend you similarly ‘size up’ to a four-person tent for the same reasons. There are some excellent designs around that have an enclosed porch area, for example. This is great for placing wet shoes and clothing when not in use. 

Others have separate sleeping areas, and remember that when you are getting into that area you will find the price rises. What you really need is a compact, quality and well made tent that will last many years, that is easy to set up and take down, and that is suitably light to carry to and from the car if needed. What else to look for? Here are a few more tips.

More Things to Think About

Ventilation is a vital part of any tent. Tent makers will build in vents in the roof and walls, so make sure the tent you are looking at features plenty. 

You also want a good number of windows – two is a common number – and also make sure the windows and door have weather protection on the outside, as you will endure a few days and nights of wind and rain!

You should also see if the tent comes with interior locking compartments in which you can hide away your belongings when not in the tent. 

Campsites are friendly places and campers in general very sociable, but there are thieves everywhere and you need to be safe rather than sorry.

If you want a 6-person tent there is plenty of choice and you will relish the extra space provided so why not start looking now and plan your camping vacation.