No matter if you are hunting birds or larger prey, you need to make sure your safety is your first priority. As thrill-seeking as it can be being super close to the prey or being alone with wild animals, you will not want to put your life at risk for the sake of the sport. Whether you are new to hunting or an expert, here are some simple tips for increasing your safety whilst you are out hunting.

Distance yourself as much as possible

When you are out hunting, it can feel amazing being as close to the prey as possible. Yet, this reduces your safety and likelihood of being able to get away quickly if they spot you. In no time, you could become their prey and your entire life is at risk. 

To increase safety, distancing yourself as much as possible will help. A great tool is a predator call device. For instance, investing in the Best Predator Call will up your game when it comes to hunting out in the wild. It will also increase your safety as the digital call method allows you to be further away from the predator whilst calling them in. 

Keep your emergency call device on you at all times

Most incidents during hunting can happen when you are not with your backpack or goods. Thus, ensuring your phone is on your at all times is an essential hunting safety precaution. If something was to happen, you can call the emergency services, the friend you are out hunting with, or anyone you need that can help. If you do not carry a phone but a walkie-talkie device, ensure that is on you instead. 

Carry a first aid kit

If you are an expert hunter, then carrying a first aid kit might seem useless. Especially if you have never been in a hunting-related accident before. Yet, you never know what to expect. Plus, a first aid kit could come in handy for a newbie hunter that is out alone for the day. You never know when first aid kit essentials, such as scissors and band-aids, could come in handy. You should never underestimate the power of a small first aid kit. Carrying a knife is handy too, for accidents as well as hunting prey. 

Make yourself visible to other hunters

Always make sure other hunters in your area are aware of your presence in order to create a safe environment for everyone. This includes wearing visible clothing or hunting vests and hats that are bright orange or red. Make sure to also raise your voice when other hunters are in the area and whistle or make other noises when you’re walking through hunting areas. If you having a trained dog with you, make sure it is visible as well.

Putting these simple practices into place will increase your, and others, safety when you are out in the fields. It can be as simple as carrying a few essentials and making yourself visible to other hunters.