If you are someone who likes to be out and about, exploring new places, then summer is probably your favorite season. Harsh winters force people to shut themselves indoors. When the summer sets in, they can come out of their confinement. If you are a nature lover, then even the thought of spending summer, coped up inside your house, is a crime in your eyes. Apart from taking a vacation, you can go out on picnics, hiking, trekking and camping trips. Yes! You heard it right. Camping! It is not something meant for children alone. Even adults can enjoy themselves and have a gala time on camping trips.

A lot many articles and blogs have been written about benefits of camping in the lap of nature. The overall experience of your summer camping trip depends on who well you choose the location. A well-thought-out selection can give you memories, which will last for a lifetime. You can surely imagine what happens if you go the other way. If you have never been on a camping trip, then you are missing out on a lot of cool stuff. Here are some popular camping sites you can check out for your next trip.

  1.    Fox Wood Camping

This camping site is located in West Sussex in England. The area is comfortably placed in the middle of a semi-dense forested valley. The entire camp falls within the boundaries of South Downs National Park. If you are interested in living life as ancient humans did, then it is the perfect place. Guests are strictly prohibited from entering the national park via automobiles. If you have a lot of camping gear with you, national park authority will offer small carts, for easy transportation of things. Spending few days in the woods will transform the way you perceive nature and its wonders.

  1.    Crater Lake National Park

If you are fascinated with lofty mountains, then you will also respect the mighty volcanoes. Don’t fret! No one is asking you to set up camp in the foothills of an active volcano. How about a crater lake? Sounds interesting, right?! Oregon is famous for its crater lake that is located amidst Crater Lake National Park. The creation of this volcano dates back to 7,700 years. The crater that once poured out molten lava now houses a 1,943 feet deep lake. If camping is not your thing, then it also boasts of the famous Pacific Crest hiking trail. The area is covered with ponderosa pine trees. People from all over the world come to this place during summers and springs to enjoy their camping experience.

  1.    Saltery Bay Provincial Park

Another campsite that has a lot for kids, as well as adults, is located at Saltery Bay. Campers can get to this regional park by hiring a ferry. It is only at a distance of 1 kilometer from Saltery Bay. The temperatures are very comforting in summers and early springs. During these months, the area buzzes with the laughter of happy campers. If you are fond of swimming, then you have a massive ocean, all to yourself. Don’t forget to pack your favorite swimwear. If indulging in outdoor activities is your passion, then the rocky beach offers a lot of opportunities. Don’t forget to purchase a pair of Nike official trekking or hiking shoes to avoid discomfort or injuries. Apart from this, shallow areas of Saltery Bay house various species of marine life. If you are looking for some adventure, then diving in shallow areas will offer opportunities to see underwater caves and shipwrecks as well. All in all, this campsite is a complete package in itself. From woods to waves, you can get it all in one area.

  1.    North Rim Campground

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural wonder that draws tourists and scientists from all over the world. While tourists witness the incredible power of nature, researches try to figure out the mysteries behind the unique coloration of these rocks. The popularity of Grand Canyon National Park makes it an ideal option for summer campsites. The North Rim area, in particular, is a hot spot for campers. When you stand at the edge of the high cliffs, you will discover Grand Canyon in a new light. One can literally spend hours at an end, sitting on the high rocks, looking at the canyon and the meandering river in-between. If you are starting out, make sure to bring an expert guide. The last thing you want is to get lost in the vast canyon.

  1.    Little Raccoon Key

It is impossible for many to ignore the ocean’s call. Such people often stay away from camping for obvious reason. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Yes! Island campsites are becoming rather popular among youngsters. Such an island camp is located at the Jelly Island. The name of this campsite is Little Raccoon Key. Hiking through the sparse forest, taking a dip into the ocean and living in tents will complete your camping experience. Apart from this, campers can also go for boat rides in calm waters, around the uncharted islands.

  1.    Hart Mountain National Forest

Your wild camping trip will not be complete if you don’t catch sight of wild animals. No need to worry about this if you camp in Hart Mountain National Antelope Park. Campers need to follow specific rules to make sure that animals are not disturbed. Once you set foot into this “off the grid” region, you will realize what it is like the life with animals. Apart from antelopes, the area is home to 200 types of birds and fantastic assortment of flora as well. It is a paradise for bird-watchers and adventure lovers.

Do some research on the internet, make your list, arrange the things and head out to experience an enriching trip of your lifetime. Feel free to consult with experts. If you have doubts about heading into uncharted territory all by yourself, gather some experience by enrolling for professional summer camps.