The smallest knife in the world is also known as a micro knife. It can be described as being a product of cutting edge technology that combines artistry and carbon technology.

The smallest knife in the world is called the Nano Knife. It was first manufactured in the research laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the University of Colorado. It is made from carbon, which gives added strength. The Nano knife holds the Guinness world record of the smallest knife. The Nano knife is very easy to hide because of its size. It is used in the laboratory to cut samples that have a thickness of 300 nanometers. Apart from being the smallest knife, it also has the sharpest blade and thus it is ideal to cut very thin slices of tissue samples, especially cancer or tumor cells. The Nano knife is currently being used in the medical field for cancer treatment such as Nano ablation surgery. It has also reduced the need for use of radiation for the treatment of cancer.

The smallest conventional looking small knife is Rough Rider Miniature Folder Knife

Other types of small knives include the Swiss Army knife, butterfly knife, pocket knife, neck knife, micro knife and a folding knife. These knives have blades made from stainless steel and the handles can either be metallic or made from wooden material. These knives are usually hand crafted to add more perfection.

The Swiss army knife is foldable and also has a nail file, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, key ring and toothpick. It is thus a handy tool that is packed into one. It can thus be considered to be the smallest foldable knife in the world. The miniature novelty knife is the smallest pocket knife in the world. Its blade is made from stainless steel and the handle is can be metallic or wooden. It is often customized to specification.

The butterfly knife which originated in Philippines. They are called butterfly knives because they have grooved handles that hide the blade when folded in. Thus this knife is one of the best pocket knives that one can have.