The state of South Carolina is a knife-friendly jurisdiction. However, there are numerous cities that have restrictive ordinances.

In South Carolina, there are no statewide prohibitions in regards to knives. The state’s law defining weapons was amended in 2008. They did this by eliminating a certain provision that stated that a knife that had a blade two inches long or longer was considered a weapon.

The state has a concealed deadly weapon law. It excludes razors, knives, and dirks. However, those are not excluded if they are used to commit a criminal act or if they are used with criminal intent.

If a person who carried a deadly weapon used to inflict personal injury is guilty of a misdemeanor, then they have to forfeit their weapon to the county or in a municipal court if they are convicted. They also face a fine of nothing less than two hundred dollars, but no more than five hundred dollars. They also face jail time that ranges from no less than thirty days to no more than ninety days.

The provisions do not apply to slingshots, rifles, shotguns, knives or razors unless those items were used with intent to commit a crime or in the advancement of a crime. Specific prohibition for knives with blades two inches or longer are set in place. There is also a general prohibition as to any other kind of weapon.

There’s no specific prohibition for knives with blades over two inches. This goes for a general prohibition of any other kind of weapon. Also, there is no statewide preemption, and the critical dimensions are two inches.

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