There are a wide spectrum of state laws across the United States identifying what type of knives are either legal or illegal to carry within the state’s borders; in the State of Alabama, the state code is simplified to one type of knife that is essentially illegal to carry, opening the discussion to what is legal at a much greater level as compared to other states.  Within Alabama State Code, identified under Section 13A-11-50 in “Carrying Concealed Weapons,” Alabama restricts the concealment of what is known as a bowie knife, or other likewise or similar knives.  A bowie knife is recognized as a longer knife, normally 10 inches or longer, with a double-edged at the point and can many times be compared to what is often referred to as a machete.   In combination to concealing a bowie knife, Alabama State Code also prohibits any individual from selling a bowie knife to someone under the age of 18 and is likewise illegal for someone under the age of 18 to purchase a bowie knife.  However, in the State of Alabama, if one so desires to own a bowie knife or bowie-type knife, and have it in the safety of their home and not concealed on their person, this would be identified as a legal act within the state borders, as long as the knife was also not concealed in a vehicle.

Once it has been identified as to what is actually illegal in the State of Alabama- a Bowie Knife- it can be easily recognizable as to what is legal in the State of Alabama, which is everything else.  As one of the easiest states to carry a knife in for self-defense or other purposes, the State of Alabama provides a wide range of knife carrying options for its citizens.  A double sided knife, switchblade or gravity knife, stiletto or toothpick knife, folding knife, and out the front knife, are all considered to be legal in the State of Alabama.  For the ease of carrying ability for Alabama citizens, the State Code provides a multitude of options for someone to carry as long as that individual understands the likewise simplicity of what is illegal- a Bowie Knife.

Recognized as one of the most lenient states for knife laws, Alabama’s strictest knife law against the Bowie knife actually originated in the late 1800’s when the state was concerned that citizens may start dueling in the streets with Bowies or similar-type knives.  With this thought in mind, it has been identified further that police and legal mentality in the state of Alabama is drastically open in comparison to many other states when it comes to carrying and concealing knives and it is only when a police officer has a suspicion of potential crime that there would actually be any type of recourse or additional action, even in the event of carrying a Bowie knife.  When considering which state to travel for some of the best knife carrying laws and regulations, place Alabama at the top of the list.

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